if you’re ever in the UK

You know those free ‘fun things for your kids to do in your city’ magazines that you can pick up at libraries or dentist offices around town? Well, if you’re ever in the UK this fall, (or more specifically Sunderland), and you wander into a library, you might just see a picture of Ella in the Raring2go! magazine.

A couple of months ago, I got a comment from my blog about a picture of Ella getting her first haircut. They asked if they could use the picture in their ad in a magazine. I decided it would be okay and just asked that they mail me a copy of the magazine. Well, it came this week! And sure enough, on the back pages where all the ads are in those type of magazines, there is an ad for Satchi hairdressing. The ad claims “cutting edge hair design” and shows Ella’s picture underneath where she is at Cool Cuts in Toys R Us in Austin, TX. 😉  This place sounds like a pretty good hair salon if you ask me.  I mean, not only do they have Ella’s picture on their ad, but they boast ‘free parking’!  Who doesn’t love a free parking spot when your about to get your hair done?  🙂

Hurry in!  This special expires Nov. 30th!

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