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happy halloween!

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leo and gemini

I was hoping I could get the 3 kids to dress up as ‘a theme’ this year for Halloween, but with Asher’s costume a hand-me-down (can’t pass those up!), and the girls wanting to be the same Disney princess, the only theme I could come up with is ‘zodiac signs’?!? 🙂

Our little leo
Ariel 1
and Ariel 2-‘our gemini’


Last night, James and I went to So You Think You Can Dance Season 5 show in Austin with our good friends Jen and Jeff.  It was AMAZING!  I was surprised how funny it was too!  Melissa Sandvig’s husband, Erik, hooked us up with backstage passes too!  Enjoy the pictures!

Jen and I before the show
Top 12 Season 5
Caitlin and Jason performing Bollywood
James, Ade, me, and Brandon (I couldn’t believe I was as tall as Ade!)
Jen, Evan, and me
me, Melissa, and James
Season 5 winner-Jeanine!
This was a surprise-we recognized ‘Jason Street’ from Friday Night Lights

backstage.  He was there with his girlfriend meeting everyone like us!


18 months

My baby boy is 18 months today! He is no doubt NOT a baby boy anymore, but a crazy toddler who is teaching mommy a thing or two about raising boys! He is repeating almost everything now, and loves to play with his big sisters who will gladly push him around! I am starting to think seriously about getting a leash on him because it is getting increasingly harder to hold him or keep him contained in a grocery cart/high chair! He wants to run or walk down the stairs-both of which he is not proficient at yet!  We love our busta’ and are continually amazed at the joy,(and sometimes frustration!) he brings us each day!  🙂

new hobby:  tearing up the toilet paper rolls
he loves his sisters!  (he calls both of them ‘Ella’)

I did it for the t-shirt

I’ve heard that line a time or two in college from James as he was explaining why he signed up for another credit card!  I am PROUDLY saying that line today, though all in jest, because I definitely did NOT “do it for the t-shirt”, but rather for the $500 Visa gift card that came with the Michael Jackson t-shirt (which is coming to a white elephant party near you…)

Michael proudly displaying my gift card

So….why did I receive a $500 gift card in the mail today???  I’m so glad you asked!

The quick version is:

I have a friend from Houston, named Misty, who introduced me to doing online offers.  She was receiving all these gift cards and checks and I was starting to get intrigued.

Misty pointed me to Carrie from Money Saving Methods.

I read all the instructions and signed up for my 8 ‘online offers’ in late August.  I spent $20 total to get my $500 gift card.  I should be receiving a $500 Home Depot card (I spent $45) and a $500 check (I spent $55) in the coming weeks!  (I will post when I get them!)  I am about to start a $500 gift card to American Airlines this week too!

If you are interested, e-mail me or comment and I’ll be happy to help you get started!  Also, for all you Austin folks, I will be sending an e-mail to those interested for a ‘get trained’ class at my house!  😉

**It’s been a good week for free stuff for me. I got a $10 Amazon gift card with my Swagbucks. Swagbucks is like Google, just search what you normally search, and earn ‘swag bucks’ sometimes. I have earned $20 of Amazon gift cards since March just by searching on the internet. I make Swagbucks my home page so I always remember to use it!
Search & Win

And then I got a $20 gift card to Build-A-Bear (my choice) from my Pampers gifts to grow points! Woo-hoo!


costumes of old

Thought I would share some of my favorite costumes when I was growing up!

The angel with the foil wings and halo!
The ballerina I never was…I wore this costume for 2

Halloweens I loved it so much!

My favorite one!  My dad drew the card and I colored it
James as count Dracula!

our day

Ella  and I went on a field trip to Crowe’s Nest Farm with her preschool class.  I predict I will be here many more times since it is the ‘go to’ field trip in the northeast Austin area, but today it was just my third time.  Of course, it had to be 100 degrees with the humidity.  My favorite part was taking nine preschoolers to the muggy restrooms twice in one hour.  We were there for 3 hours and at least half of the time was spent corralling the kids.  Whew!  Ella had a good time though!

You can see it was very sunny!

Ella is in the sunglasses.

Boo for the Longhorns!
Ella and Anna were mesmerized by the pig playing in the mud.  It’s like they all understood

each other.  😉

We continued our day by visiting their cousin Caden. I got some cute pics!

Caden Erickson

pumpkin personality

At the pumpkin farm this week, the girls got to decorate their own mini pumpkins. They could of stayed at this station all day but I gave them a limit when we approached the 30 minute mark. These decorated pumpkins perfectly describe my daughters’ personalities. Rilyn’s pumpkin-meticulously wrapped yarn (of every color they had) around the stem and hand-drawn rings (of every color marker they had) around the base of the stem.  Ella’s pumpkin-all about the excessive.  Too much glue and too much yarn.  I think her pumpkin says it all and if you know her, you have probably seen her ‘mess’ of emotions, especially when she is tired!

art time!
Rilyn and Ella

pumpkin farm pics

sweet Ella 3 1/2 years old
Rilyn 5 years old
hay ride
Oh look Asher smiled for one picture!  (But of course there was not

one pumpkin in sight!)

sisters rock!

pouts at the patch

Asher and I will be going back to the pumpkin patch this month. He thinks he outsmarted me today. He ‘played me for a fool’ because his mommy didn’t get any decent pictures of him in the pumpkins. He will learn. You don’t mess with this scrapbooking mama. I will succeed. Next time I will be smarter too. Think pumpkin traps and maybe some candy.

Yes, that is a flying pumpkin in the air.

I gave Asher a little pumpkin trying to distract him enough

to elicit a smile, but he just called it an ‘apple’ and threw it.

More ‘Boys 101’ lessons for me.  They like to smear and splash

their hands in dirty puddles on the ground.

My photography business!

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