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just another saturday morning

This morning was just another Saturday morning. You know, the kind where the night before James and I made cereal bags for the girls and laid them on their respective places on the couch so when they woke up way too early for a Saturday morning, they could plop right on the couch and zone out watching cartoons while munching on cereal. But our girls? Don’t get me wrong, they do love cartoons, but sometimes they just want to draw. So, it was not unusual for us to wake up at 8:30 this Saturday morning to find this note affixed to our door:


The written note says: Please do not come in here because my mommy is sleeping (with a stop sign drawn below the words).  Rilyn knows how much I LOVE sleeping in! The drawing is of me and James and he is asking, “May I have this dance?” And I am replying, “Yes, you may!” (Apparently, I’m into wearing hoop skirts!) And the drawing wouldn’t be complete without a chandelier above us! Rilyn cracks me up! I have no idea why she drew us about to dance. 🙂
So after I get out of bed, (and let James still sleep in which is very unusual because he usually lets me sleep in!), I get Asher out of his crib because he still doesn’t know how to climb out and, well, after I bought him a ‘black out’ curtain last week, poor guy doesn’t know when it’s morning time now, so he just lays quietly in his bed until I get him! After breakfast, I caught Rilyn and Asher watching cartoons together like this. So sweet.

After everyone was dressed, Asher decided it was time to push the baby doll stroller lawn mower outside and do some man work.  😉  Because, you know, our dead grass needed a trimming!

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