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this was supposed to be the Easter bunny post

If you know me, you know once I have my mind set on something, and my expectations are not met, I am severely disappointed, to the point where it ruins my day (I know it’s bad, but it’s true, and I need Jesus!)  So imagine my disappointment when I drove up to the Highland Mall to have Asher visit the Easter bunny only to discover the bunny wasn’t there.  Now I know this mall is basically dead, but I thought Santa and Easter bunny’s at the mall were like peanut butter and jelly.  Grrrrrr.  I even brought my camera so I could capture Asher’s sheer terror when he sat on his lap.  Well, what am I, ‘Ms. Don’t Change the Plans on Me’ to do?  Expected outcome of the morning:  pictures of Asher with bunny.  Modified expectations of the morning:  pictures of Asher in the bluebonnets!  Yeah, that’s it!  I will find bluebonnets and I WILL get pictures today of Asher!  So, we drove halfway to Taylor and found a patch on the side of the farm road.  Asher was not thrilled when I stuck him in the middle of the patch which came up to his waist.  I think he had some sort of bluebonnet anxiety and felt trapped.  Oh well, I was going to get pictures so he had to deal.  Enjoy!

get me out!!!
This picture cracks me up, because he sure changed his tune when he saw a car

drive past us!  He loves cars!  He is saying “Whoa!!!  Car!!!!”

watching the car drive down the road
Poor Asher, little does he know he has more bluebonnet pictures coming soon with

his sisters!


Ella’s first soccer game!

Finally Ella had her first soccer game! She was ready to play and put on her game face!

Ella is on the WildPfire team with her best friend, Anna Richardson. Aren’t they precious?


With a little bribe from daddy, (if she doesn’t cry she gets to have ice cream!), our little girl ran the field with gusto!

Watch out!  Here comes Ella!

She even took a hard, face-planting tumble!


But she held in her tears! (And took a break with Uncle Jeff to pick her nose.) 🙂

We were so proud of our Ella! 

And poor Asher and Caden, (Anna’s little brother.) It’s torture to hold toddler boys back from running around grassy fields with a ball! But alas, Jeff managed quite nicely!

I want down!!!!!!!

flashback friday

Happy Spring!  Along with this beautiful weather we are having, I’m looking forward to bluebonnet pictures, soccer games (hopefully without the crying!), celebrating Easter, and Asher’s 2nd birthday! 

This picture is of Rilyn in March 2005.  Poor thing, I took her to Picture People every month because we lived 5 minutes away from the mall in Houston!  At least I can say I didn’t buy this costume for her, it was property of Picture People!

our little flower

new room

The girls got their bunk beds yesterday!  They were so excited and James said that he still remembers the day he got bunk beds to share with his brother.   A very exciting day!  Rilyn got to sleep on the top last night and we will flip flop for awhile until the girls get tired of switching.  Here is their new bunk bed, complete with drawers, desk (on the right side not seen in pic), and a book case ( which is ‘in the cave’ as Ella calls it, not seen in the picture).  What a space saver!

From March 2010

And, I just made this picture to hang in the girls’ room! 🙂



I took Rilyn on a mommy/daughter night to the Austin rodeo Friday evening!  We went to watch her friend (and our neighbor) do mutton bustin!  We were very excited because she won first place!  (In case you’re not from Texas, mutton bustin is riding a sheep for as long as you can!)  Enjoy the pics “where weird meets western!”

horsing around in “Kidtown”
Waiting for the rodeo to begin!
What’s a rodeo without $6 curly fries that glisten with grease?!?
Gotta have the classic “boo Longhorns” picture!

all aboard!

The girls left for San Antonio on Tuesday evening via Amtrak train!  They were so excited as they waited for the train because their Oma and Papaw were already on the train waiting for them to board!  (They boarded in Fort Worth.)  What an exciting start to their spring break trip! The girls will be getting home Friday. I can’t wait to hear about all their adventures!

We are going to ride that?!?  No, freight trains are a little uncomfortable!
So excited while waiting!
Rilyn can’t believe how long and loud the train is!
Sporting her conductor hat from last year’s spring break train trip with Oma and Papaw.
Finally!  Here comes their train!!!
Notice Ella’s hands…Rilyn is excited though!
All Aboard! 
And this is what I did while they were gone!  Asher’s new big boy bed (and carpet!)

The girls’ bunk beds will be delivered next week!


St. Patricks Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Last year, Asher fittingly ‘ate’ a green marker to celebrate!

changing seasons

As the weather starts to change around Austin, life in the Paquette household will be changing too. (That sentence sounds way more serious than what this post is actually about!) For almost 6 years, we’ve had a crib in our house. I remember the day we bought it like it was yesterday, full of excitement and new parent nerves!  And now tomorrow, we will take it apart and move on to the next season of our life. It provided warmth, comfort, and safety for my three babies and I’m honestly sad to see it come down. (Now there are certainly some things about raising babies that I will NOT be sad to see go-I will throw a party when my last diaper is bought and I don’t have to carry around a diaper bag anymore!) Please humor me as I take a trip down memory lane with our beloved crib. But rest assured, our crib will ‘live’ with us still…we thankfully bought a convertible crib so it will be ‘reused’ as a full size big boy bed for our ‘baby’.

Rilyn’s nursery looked exactly like this but with the “Rilyn” over the crib.  🙂
From February 2005
newborn Ella
sisters playing in the crib before Asher was born
last night in his crib

sweet to my soul

This is what I found on Rilyn’s desk today.

Wrapped up like a scroll, Rilyn had copied Bible verses from Genesis while I was resting with Ella.

The creation story…

Rilyn has been drawn to His Word increasingly in the past few years. Her favorite ‘books’ to listen to are Bible stories; her favorite movies are Bible stories; in the morning, she wants to read the Proverbs instead of us reading to her; and her memory and knowledge of the Bible is amazing for someone of her age. God is drawing her near to Him and it is such a joy to witness her passion!


sentimental Saturday

We hope to go to the Austin rodeo on Friday night!  (And I’m talking the actual rodeo, not the rides and petting zoo!)  But until then, enjoy this picture from Rilyn’s first Houston rodeo in March 2005.  I was just getting into editing pictures then, so I did have a little fun with the picture!  😉

Could it be?!?  Mommy and Rilyn on a LONGHORN?!?
Now that is much better!  😉

My photography business!

March 2010