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dancing and sunsets

We had a great weekend with family here to see the girls’ dance recital yesterday.
Here is James and Rilyn’s dance to Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire. This was the finale and it did not disappoint! We will post later some of Ella’s dances that were really cute (mainly because she was bossing girls around the stage!).

our family

Later that evening, we went to the Oasis to celebrate James’ mom’s birthday!

James’ family
sunset capital of Texas

I had fun taking pictures of the girls that night!

ella’s freckles!
brown eyed girl

And this is what I caught Rilyn doing on one of the decks at the Oasis. A true girly girl who was probably wishing on a star and dreaming…


we have rehearsals for a reason

Have you ever had a moment where you wanted to cry and laugh at the same time?  Well, I could kick myself for not bringing my video camera to the girls’ dance rehearsal yesterday!  And, I’m so glad for rehearsals because Ella would have been MORTIFIED if the same thing happened at the actual recital.  You see, we discovered at the rehearsal that the stage floor is very slippery for tap shoes and my poor Ella tried her hardest, but fell while tapping to “Cotton-Eyed Joe” like 4 times!  Each time she fell, her face got more grimaced, until finally, it was too much and Ms. Jen came out to rescue her from her tears.  I felt so bad for Ella!  She was really embarrassed and told us she wasn’t going to dance on Saturday because everyone will laugh at her.  😦  After seaching with my swagbucks last night though, I discovered that duct tape on the bottom of her taps will simply solve the problem!  Here’s to hoping and praying!  (And if not, I will have my video camera rolling this time!)

Jen tries to comfort a sobbing Ella

Another “glad it’s rehearsal” moment for me:

Ella’s boa liner tore off of her tutu at rehearsal (you can see it hanging down a bit)I’ll be fixing that tonight!
Anna and Ella dancing to “someday my prince will come”
so precious!
Rilyn is on the far left.  About to dance to Defying Gravity from the Glee soundtrack
another reason rehearsals are good for Rilyn!    😉
This picture was taken before the tap shoe debacle.  Ella in the center. 
The finale is a dad/daughter dance to Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack!James and Rilyn at the far left.
James and Rilyn at the center front

If you live in the Austin area, please come to the recital! Saturday, May 29th at 4 p.m. (lasts 30 minutes) at Manor Middle School cafeteria!


Kindergarten awards!

Rilyn had her kindergarten awards ceremony today!  Her best part of the day?  Getting her first trophy (she got a medal for soccer this season), for being in the top 5 for AR (Accelerated Reader) points in kindergarten!  Yay Rilyn!!!  (And I have to give myself props too, because I’m the one who stayed after school and read her books and quizzes on the library computer so she could get points!)  🙂  Rilyn’s last day of school is on her birthday, Thursday, June 3rd!  I’m betting it will be a good day!

Rilyn getting her name called.
Certificate of completion of kindergarten!
Good Citizenship award too!
so proud!
first trophy


Today is our nine year wedding anniversary!  It is really true how you fall more in love with your partner every year!  The card I bought for James today has a picture of a TV remote control on the front with a wife’s hand and a husband’s hand on it pulling the remote in opposite directions.  Inside it reads:  Another year of having and holding.  I thought the card was perfect!  😉 
Here is the cake smashing at our reception. I knew I was going to smash the bite in his face, but I was surprised to see that James did it back to me-the bride!

I tried to get him really good!
This is me saying, “Why did you get me?!?” (as he is wiping frosting out of his eye!)
Got him so good, his glasses had to come off to be cleaned!
Had to sing the Aggie war hymn at the reception with a WHOOP!!!! at the end!

splash day!

I said in an earlier post how busy May is!  This week is for sure the busiest though!  Splash day this morning, Rilyn’s soccer party tonight; Rilyn’s field trip tomorrow and it’s our anniversary so we are going on a date night; Rilyn’s end of school award ceremony on Thursday and then the girls dance recital dress rehearsal; babysitting Friday night; and the girls dance recital on Saturday with LOTS of family in town!  Whew! 

Here are pictures from Ella’s splash day at preschool today.   (By the way, I love that Ella smiles while going down the slide!  I’m pretty sure she does that because she knows I am taking pictures of her and she LOVES getting her picture taken!)

one handed!
wet landing!
water sliding!

a little concerning…

Today was my last day of volunteering in Rilyn’s kindergarten class. I go every Monday for a couple of hours and I really love it. I am going to miss her teacher! Rilyn’s teacher had every student write a ‘thank you’ letter to me today. They each stood in front of the class and read it to me too! So cute! One particular boy, who happens to live on our street, drew this on his letter to me.

“Dear Ms. Julie, Thank you for getting me points (AR) and a pickle and popcorn party.”

When I asked about his picture, he said that was me at the pool. Yep, I’m wearing a bikini in his picture, (which I never have worn before and sadly will never wear again), and yep, I will be seeing him at our neighborhood pool this summer! I think I will cover up when I see him! 😉


field day!

May is seriously the busiest month of the year in our house!  With Mother’s Day, my birthday, my mom’s birthday, my mother in law’s birthday, our anniversary, end of school activities, and dance recitals, it’s enough to make your head spin!   Especially poor James, who has A LOT of presents to buy for me in May!  😉  Today was Rilyn’s field day and the weather was perfect!  She had a lot of fun and I really enjoyed being able to watch her and her class play!

tug of war!!
parachute games
Potato sack race
hula hooping!
a game of capture the flag
Uh oh!  The double potato sack race!
Obviously, a little more challenging!


Ella models the cheapest way to get a face lift.

Rilyn is starting to bring home all her ‘special’ kindergarten work from throughout the year. Today she brought home an alphabet journal from the fall. This was her “M” page.

“M” is for “Man”. Good job Rilyn. But when James and I saw this picture, we were trying really hard not to laugh. Apparently this is a soldier man with a shield, a gun and ummm, although it looks like he might be ‘well-endowed’, Rilyn informed us very seriously “that is his sword holder that is on his back and you can see the bottom part of it between his legs.” Right. 😉
The kids went swimming this afternoon and had some fun squirting each other. Poor Asher, one day he will get revenge. I have no doubt!

Getting squirted by my sister and wearing a sillyfloatation device?!?  Mom!  Come on!
Ella enjoyed this squirting action!

pins are sins

Last night we had family night and learned about how sin will blind us to God’s truth.  God will show us what we need to change when we ask Him to.  James particularly focused on the sin of treating your sister and/or brother wrongly.  He used the verse 1 John 2:10-11. ” Whoever loves his brother(sister) lives in light, and there is nothing in him to make him stumble.  But whoever hates his brother(sister) is in the darkness and walks around in the darkness; he does not know where he is going, because the darkness has blinded him.”

We talked about how people who are blind can’t see and need to have help to know where to go.  And that we can also be spiritually blind, (we begin to do things that we know we shouldn’t do and no longer feel bad about doing them), and need to ask for help from God.  Sometimes when we sin and keep on sinning, God let’s us become blind to His plan for us.

James asked if not showing love to eveyone or when we fight with people, including your sister or brother, could blind you to what God wants you to do.

Then we used the visuals to help.  We used small brass safety pins and mixed them with dry rice in a pie plate.  Look at the pins in this pan of rice.  Can you see them? 

The pins are easy to see!

 The pins represent sin. Right now I want you to pick up rice but not pick up any pins.

Easy right?

Now we are going to cover your eyes and I want you to pick up only the rice. (It is very hard to distinguish the rice from the pins when you can’t see!)

James really made sure Ella couldn’t see!

After they picked up a few handfuls we let them ‘see’ all the pins they picked up with the rice.  They both were really upset that they had picked up ‘sins.’
Was it easy to tell the rice from the pins when you couldn’t see? It’s the same way with sin in our lives. When we are blinded to sin, we can no longer tell the difference and it’s very easy to allow sin to creep into our lives, just the way the pins crept into our hands. When we could see, we could see the ‘sin’ and remove it. How do we do this in our own lives when we have become blinded?
Psalm 139:23-24 “Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there be any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”
We need to pray, asking God to remove the blinders on our eyes and to show us anything we need to change.  We then prayed together and asked for the Holy Spirit to reveal the sin in our lives.  This family night was admittedly a harder concept to grasp for them, but we believe His Word will not return void and we have already experienced multiple times in their daily lives where we can point back to our object lesson from past family nights!


little girls

It is so much fun to have little girls!  Dressing them up in their costumes for dance recital pictures is just one of the MANY things I love about having little girls!  If you live in the Manor area, DanceLife, (run by one of my best friends, Jen Richardson!) is having a 6 week summer session.  You can sign up here.

My photography business!

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