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Saturday evening was my cousin John’s wedding.  It was beautiful and so much fun to see all of my extended family again!

John’s wedding day
my cousins (there are 5 of us in this picture), and significant others

From L to R:  Diane(c), Amanda, Matt(c), Alexis, John(c), Bryan, Shannon(c), me, and James

Here is me with John circa 1990.  You like the custom puffy painted shirts I made

for all of us?  We were on a road trip from CA to MN and stopped at this Flintstone park!

Shannon and Diane, John’s sisters, are next to him.  My brother and sister are below me.

On Sunday, we drove back to Huntington Beach where my grandpa lives and James went golfing with the guys. On Monday, before we flew home, James and I went to Huntington Beach to take pictures (again with the beach pictures!). James really wished he could of gone swimming in the ocean, but there just wasn’t enough time. This was the beach I grew up going to. I have fond memories of taking the OC Transit when I was a jr. higher and tanning all day at the beach with my friends. 🙂

This is me underneath the pier at the beach
James wishing he was surfing out there…
That red roofed restaurant at the end of the pier was

where we were supposed to eat on Thursday night

to watch the sunset.  Boo.

You don’t see this everyday in Texas!

our little “getaway”

James and I flew to southern California last Thursday for my cousin’s wedding in Paso Robles.  We wanted to make it a long weekend so we could call it our ‘getaway’ trip for the year and relax together.

Wednesday night, Ella came down with a bad fever.  We were already at James’ parents house so I slept with her, and needless to say, I didn’t get any sleep.  I’m exhausted on Thursday when we get to the DFW airport.  Our flight kept getting bumped and finally got cancelled on Thursday.  We scramble to get a new flight and can’t get one until late so we miss our plans of a sunset dinner at the beach.  😦  Tired and frustrated, we have to fly to Phoenix first (our cancelled flight was direct).  It is 111 degrees when we fly in and we have to take a bus to get to our gate.  Wouldn’t you know it, but our bus’ air conditioning was broken!  So, we were driving around in a sauna.  We finally get on the plane that will fly us into LAX.  When we board though, the airplane’s air conditioning is broken and it feels like everyone is sitting in a baked potato!  The pilot apologizes and we sit there extra so that they can ‘fix it’.  The plane didn’t cool off until about 45 minutes into the flight.  That was fun.  The guy next to me had sweat dripping down the side of his face.  We finally hit our bed at my grandpa’s house in southern CA at 11 p.m.  (1 a.m. Texas time).  We were supposed to arrive at 8:30 p.m.  Sigh. 

The next morning we have to leave at 8 a.m. to drive up 4 1/2 hours to Paso Robles.  We ride up with my cousin and her finance.  We are driving on the 405 for like 30 minutes and we get sideswiped in the HOV lane!  (I’m telling you, don’t travel with us, we are bad luck!)  The guy who hit us started evading us and darting in and out of the 6 lanes.  He exits but we get his license plate number.  So now we have been sideswiped and hit and run.  Lovely.  CHIPS came out and took all of our info. and later in the day he actually called us to tell us he caught the guy! 

The rest of the day was calmer and we went to my cousin’s rehearsal dinner and had a great time.  The next morning, we drove to Cambria, which is a cute little beach town by Paso Robles.  James agreed to take pictures on the beach as long as he could watch the U.S.A. play in the World Cup at a local restaurant.

at the rehearsal dinner
picture taken by my cousin’s wife

neighborhood pool

We are blessed to have a wonderful neighborhood pool that is only about 200 yards away from our house!  This pool has some really cool slides and just this past weekend, Rilyn and Ella got brave enough to try them!

shadowglen pool slides

Here is Rilyn going down! (She only went down about 15 times that day!)


And here is Ella. Now Ella went 3 times before the lifeguard caught on that she wasn’t exactly tall enough. Oops!

You can tell by Ella adjusting her goggles before she

goes in, that this slide is not fast as long as you are

sitting.  But if you lay down, that’s another story!

And here is Asher sporting his new floatation device that we love!

It’s really nice to have such a fun, clean pool near us to swim in everyday. Why is it so clean? Well, because we have very specific rules.   (The last rule is my favorite.) 🙂

It makes me shudder that they even have to print rules like the last one…really,

are people that gross?


happy father’s day James

When I try to stop, (that’s hard to do!) and think about how amazing a father James is, I start to get teary-eyed. (In my old age, I cry all the time!) 😉 But seriously, “spiritual leader of our home” is the first thing I think of when I think of James as my children’s father. What a blessing to know that he wants to point our children to Christ everyday in every situation! And, he is smart and creative in the ways he chooses to do it! Seriously. This man came up with, (on a rainy Saturday), for the girls to do chores to earn money so they could buy ‘supplies’ for a person who is homeless. They went to the store later and bought a thermal blanket.
I think of James as the “funny dad” who is super goofy and loves to kid around. I am very, let’s say, ‘realistic’ and ‘down to business’ type mom and I tend to forego the ‘funny business’.  James brings the laughter in our home, and even though half the time it annoys me, the kids love it and need it! Okay, maybe I need it too. 😉  Example:  James declares as we are pulling in the driveway backwards that this is our ‘backward house’ because we are driving in backwards.  So everyone has to walk in the house backwards and do things backwards.  Drives me nuts!  But the kids love it!  🙂
James is the dad who makes up stories about princesses and knights for his daughters at bedtime that will last a couple of weeks.  Every night is a new ‘chapter’.  He takes his daughters on dates and plays soccer with them to teach them the rules.  He massages their feet after soccer games.  He dances in their dance recital, not to mention all the ‘dance parties’ he has in our living room with the kids!  He spends 2 hours making a birthday card for our daughter.  He drives Rilyn to school each morning and practices memorizing scripture with her.  They get donuts together for every scripture memorized.  I could go on and on.  We love you James!  Happy Father’s Day!   

father’s day 2010
father son
father’s day 2010

flashback friday-father edition

Happy Father’s Day weekend!!!

me and my dad circa 1985 (6 years old?)
James and his dad circa 1980
Daddy with Rilyn (notice the spit up!) 2004
daddy with newborn Ella-2006
daddy with newborn Asher making the same face and both showing their Agge pride!

movie nights

I found an amazing resource through Focus on the Family’s Plugged In website.  It’s called “Movie Nights.”  From their website, the definition of a movie night is

“a golden opportunity for parents and children to have a meaningful, biblically based discussion about one of the better films coming out of Hollywood. It’s also the term we use for the downloadable curricula we’ve created to help you accomplish that.  On this website, you’ll find two categories of Movie Nights. Each targets a different age group. The first, “Movie Nights for Kids,” includes a one-page tip sheet for parents (with an activity, plot summary, scripture verses and several discussion questions), as well as a puzzle page for children ages 6-10.
The second type, “Movie Nights for Teens,” encourages parents and adolescents to explore deeper issues with the help of more challenging, mature-minded films. These Movie Nights are more dialogue-oriented and intended for older children (13 and up), but the goals remain the same: Have fun, enrich the parent/child relationship and help children learn to analyze media from a Christian perspective. ”

Tonight we went through Toy Story 2 together.  It is totally worth clicking the link to read over their movie night ‘script.’  The family activity had to do with going through our toys and choosing ones that we could donate because we don’t play with them much anymore.   This is much like the toys in the film and how they face rejection as their owners grow up and lose interest in them.   

I just had to share this great resource and hope that you can instill movie nights like this in your schedule!


new smile

Rilyn and Ella started swim lessons today.  To mark the event, Rilyn decided the very minute before her lessons started that I HAD to pull out her top tooth that has been ‘hanging out’ for a couple weeks now.  So, I wiggled a couple of times and out her 3rd tooth came!  She then started crying- not because it hurt, but because she thought blood would go in the pool from her mouth if she went in.  I assured her she was not bleeding, gave her a drink of water, and then she happily jumped in the pool sticking her tongue through her new gap as all kids love to do!

Rilyn’s new smile
sticking her tongue through her new gap!


What’s that floating in our kiddie pool?

Oh, it’s just a $500 Walmart gift card I received yesterday in the mail from my online offers! 🙂 I’m at a grand total now of $4,000 in gift cards/gifts on my little hobby! 😉 This offer was my fastest one yet. I started in mid April, and so it took a little under 2 months AND I only spent about $40 to get it!
If you are interested in how I do these offers, please click here. (Or ask me!)


a little dirt never hurt

I realized that Asher hasn’t made an appearance on the blog in awhile!  Well, let’s check in to see what the Busta’ Man has been up to!

splishin’ and a splashin’
He said, “Cheese!” for this picture
What boy doesn’t love sand and water?
Now what on earth is this boy doing?
Just drinking some water!  (Yep, he totally slurped up this water like a dog and tried to go back for seconds!)

flashback friday-bad sweater edition

Prepare yourself…I had some really bad sweater days.  And sometimes it’s fun to laugh at yourself, so here you go! 

We will start with the worst offender.  (You may also remember this picture, another example of some great fashion sense.)  This picture was taken with my aunt and my cousins.  I’m almost surprised that we didn’t have the boys in matching sweaters with mint pants.

I’m not sure why my mom thought pastel sweaters was

a good color for Christmas (let alone any time!)  And yes,

I had a bad home-done perm for about 3 years of my

awkward preteen years…sigh.

Again, excuse the perm.  I totally remember loving

this sweater that I got for Christmas.  The squiggles

were ‘raised up’ too, which added to the cool factor. 

just another bad sweater day
It’s not so much the sweater in this picture.  I think the

pants speak for themselves.  I couldn’t even include my

face in this picture it was that bad.

And finally, let’s not forget to give our proper respect to the puffy-painted sweater. I had lots of these, but the picture I found today was the lucky Christmas lights one.  Look how I rocked the Christmas present earrings!

I can’t claim I was talented enough to make this sweater.

My best friend’s mother did the honors-thanks Linda!

My photography business!

June 2010