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flashback friday-date party style

There is a reason I chose ‘date parties’ as my theme which I will get to in a second.  Here are a couple date parties from college where James and I had to dress up.  Seriously, I have tons of pictures from formals and date parties in college!  James was in BYX (Brothers Under Christ) and I was in ASC (Aggie Sisters for Christ) at A&M so that generated a lot of silly themed date parties!

ASC Shindig-May 1998
BYX ‘Blue Collar Bash’-  James was wearing hisold Golden Corral uniform! Check out his earring!!  🙂   March 1998

Now this next date party picture is significant. This was the BYX E.R. date party in April of 1999 and it was my ‘brilliant’ idea to dress as a very pregnant wife about to give birth. Cute idea, right? Well, James broke up with me about 2 weeks later for 7 months. Now, this date party costume definitely was not to blame, but I couldn’t help but think how stupid I was after the fact! You can almost see the look of fear in James eyes in this picture! Like, “What the heck? Julie looking pregnant is freaking me out!!!!” 🙂 Anyway, another reason this picture is significant is the guy in the picture with us, Noel Johnson. He is one of our best friends from college. He is going to be on a Travel Channel reality show tomorrow night called America’s Worst Driver. So fun! (9 p.m. central time)  We are very excited to watch him and we hope you will watch too!

BYX E.R. date party-April 1999 My handmade shirt says “Somethings Cookin’ 

In The Oven”James’ shirt that I made says “Proud Papa to Be”

And just for kicks, here is another picture of Noel with Carson and James.  Yes,

James is my HUSBAND in this picture and I let him bleach his hair AGAIN!

He obviously still had another year of college left!!  July 2001


flyin’ high!

Rilyn had her ‘good behavior’ kindergarten field trip yesterday.  It was fun to go with her and see her play with her friends at school.   We went to Extreme Fun in Austin which is a bounce house place.  Rilyn especially had fun jumping in the germ foam pit!

Rilyn being chased by one of her friends


We took Asher’s two year portraits yesterday.  My expectations were very low considering I’ve been through this twice before and they, (portraits at age 2), are always super frustrating.  Trying to convince a two year old to stay on a boring white backdrop is hard.  Then getting him to stay in one place and smile for a stranger?  Ugh.  But my OCD prevails and I must take birthday portraits of each child every year, within a week of their birthday, and it must be at Picture People with a white background.  Then I hang the chosen portrait on my wall chronologically, (and yes, I bought 54 matching frames-18 years x3 kids)! 

The fun really began when we got to the mall (a good 35 minute drive) and Ella announced that she ‘forgot to wear her shoes.’  Grrrr.  Well, I wasn’t about to let her walk through the mall barefoot, (I’m a big rule follower-no shoes, no service!), so I put her in the umbrella stroller and carried Asher who was now tantruming because he wanted to go in the stroller.  Pushing a 40 lb. child in an umbrella stroller is hard.  Pushing a 40 lb. child with one hand because you have a toddler on the other arm is harder.  Pushing a 40 lb. child in a stroller with one hand because your toddler is tantruming in the other arm is the hardest.  (Did I mention I was also carrying a very overloaded diaper bag?!?)  So needless to say, I was off to a great start! 

The portraits were better than expected because I got two good shots of him.  (I thought I might get one.)  🙂


wonder years

At Asher’s party, I had to take the opportunity to take a picture of the 5 kids that were born within 11 months of each other.  You see, we all live together in the same neighborhood, all attend the same church, and all but one of both moms and dads went to Texas A&M together too!  In fact, many of us were roommates with each other!  I pray that these kids will grow up to love each other well and be best friends. Did I mention that we took this same shot in July of 2008 when two of them were newborns? I can’t resist comparisons, so here is the group shots!

Halle Peck, Malachi Suh, Asher, Gavin Collins, and Caden Richardson

elmo’s world

On Friday we had a little shindig for Asher’s 2nd birthday.  He loves Elmo so choosing a theme was easy!  We invited Miss Staci Gray, a local Austin children’s singer, that Asher and I see at the library once a month.  We have both her CDs and he loves her music!  Asher’s first private concert at age 2!  This boy just might grow up to love music, ya think?

Totally reused this cupcake stand from Rilyn’s 2nd birthday!
trying to be cute and succeeding
Miss Staci
Asher is mesmerized
a dancing fool!
So this is my sister with James and Asher.  I know I’m probably supposed to be in

this picture, but I just love being the one to take the pictures!  Thanks Jessica!

Cupcakes and ice cream-yum!
tasting the frosting
showered with gifts!

Happy 2nd birthday Asher!

Today is Asher’s 2nd birthday!  He tantrums ‘challenges us’ in ways that we’ve never experienced, but also blesses us in ways that only a little boy can!  Asher loves cars, his sisters, listening to music (especially worship music!), sleeping, Super Why and Elmo, having mommy hold him all day, and daddy chasing him around the house!  He is a chatter box, (how can you not be when you have two older sisters who talk all day?) and loves saying, “Where’s the ball?” with both hands in the air.   Or “I want this!”  “Oh my gosh!”  “I want to eat!!”  He still signs ‘yes’, ‘please’ and ‘all done’ and it is so cute because he does it while he is saying the word now so as to add extra emphasis that “yes” he really wants that!  (And if you don’t give it to me in one second, I will tantrum!)  🙂

I think if he really knew what was fully going on, (like that it’s his birthday!), he would say he had a super fun weekend with friends and family!  Yesterday we had an Elmo birthday party for his buddies, he received lots of boy toys (now he can push a lawn mower outside instead of a stroller!), and his favorite singer, Miss Staci, gave him a private concert at his party!  Today he endured both his sister’s soccer games, but not without many treats!  Donut holes and cheetos for breakfast, unlimited goldfish crackers and french fries for lunch-with ice cream!  (What a nightmare for any dentist/nutritionist/doctor/parent-take your pick!)  But you only turn two once, right?  I will be posting probably everyday this week with pictures from his party, his birthday portraits, etc.  But for now, enjoy these pics from the soccer fields today.

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idols, play doh, and Mr. Potato Head

We just had our family night tonight about idols in our lives.  We based it off of this link from where I receive monthly e-mails. 

First, we let the girls each take play doh and we told them to form it into something they love.  (We talked about how people in the Bible would bow down to physical idols that they made.)  Rilyn made a marker.  Ella made/spelled out her name.  🙂  

We then talked about loving things more then loving Jesus.  For example, Rilyn has a hard time sharing markers with Ella particularly because Ella doesn’t take very good care of her own so they are generally dried out.  And share the coveted ‘red marker’?!?  That is the ‘holy grail’ of markers in my girls’ minds, and they never have enough red markers because they use them out so fast!  So we talked about how when Rilyn doesn’t want to share her red marker with Ella it’s because she loves the marker more than Jesus.  Ella loves playing computer games.  Rilyn loves watching Full House (didn’t you just love that show?!?)  We talked about when they choose to play computer games or watch TV rather than obey what mommy or daddy is telling them to do at the moment, (please wash your hands for dinner), they are loving the idol more than Jesus because Jesus tells us to obey our parents. 

We then got out a ‘naked’ Mr. Potato Head and talked about more idols in our lives by using the parts of the potato head. 

Mouth:  Idol-candy. 

Ears:  Idol-praise from others, popularity, music. 

Eyes:  Idol-TV, computer games. 

Hands(things we do):  Idol-Sports, Education. 

At the end, we made sure the girls understood that God wants us to enjoy good things, just not love these things more than Him.  He wants Rilyn to use her gift of drawing.  After all, He is the master artist!  (And I’m sure it pleases Him that her favorite thing to draw is rainbows, one of the most beautiful things in all of His creation!) 

We are also going through the ten commandments at dinner time, (here is the book we use during family dinners), so this lesson tied in very well!  

Ella’s prayer to end family night:  “Dear Jesus, I want to love you more than Strawberry Shortcake movies!  Amen!” 

 Isaiah 44:6-7  The Lord Almighty:  I am the first and I am the last; apart from me there is no God.  Who then is like me?




the boxcar kid

Asher’s favorite pasttime as of late?  Playing cars in a big box that my new front porch bench came in (thanks mom!)  He loves laying in it zooming his cars around.  First thing he says when he wakes up is “CARS!?!” and runs to his box, even bypassing breakfast!  So cute!

From April 2010
From April 2010
From April 2010

flashback friday

Asher is going to be two next Saturday so in honor of his ‘twodom’, here are some pictures of our family at age two!

pretty sure Asher looks like James!
me at two!
Asher almost 2…(and freshly bathed!)

my $100 laptop

What a blessed week I’ve had!  😉  First my $500 Visa card comes in the mail on Monday and today I got my brand new, white, (my choice in color to go with my kitchen!), Dell XPS Studio 16 laptop worth $1000!  And yes, this is another online offer!  I spent a little under $100 total for this laptop and started this deal in early February!!  So now, as of August, I have made $3,500 on online offers!!  Woo-hoo!!

From April 2010
From April 2010

If you are interested in how I do these offers, please click here.

My photography business!

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