movie nights

I found an amazing resource through Focus on the Family’s Plugged In website.  It’s called “Movie Nights.”  From their website, the definition of a movie night is

“a golden opportunity for parents and children to have a meaningful, biblically based discussion about one of the better films coming out of Hollywood. It’s also the term we use for the downloadable curricula we’ve created to help you accomplish that.  On this website, you’ll find two categories of Movie Nights. Each targets a different age group. The first, “Movie Nights for Kids,” includes a one-page tip sheet for parents (with an activity, plot summary, scripture verses and several discussion questions), as well as a puzzle page for children ages 6-10.
The second type, “Movie Nights for Teens,” encourages parents and adolescents to explore deeper issues with the help of more challenging, mature-minded films. These Movie Nights are more dialogue-oriented and intended for older children (13 and up), but the goals remain the same: Have fun, enrich the parent/child relationship and help children learn to analyze media from a Christian perspective. ”

Tonight we went through Toy Story 2 together.  It is totally worth clicking the link to read over their movie night ‘script.’  The family activity had to do with going through our toys and choosing ones that we could donate because we don’t play with them much anymore.   This is much like the toys in the film and how they face rejection as their owners grow up and lose interest in them.   

I just had to share this great resource and hope that you can instill movie nights like this in your schedule!

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