neighborhood pool

We are blessed to have a wonderful neighborhood pool that is only about 200 yards away from our house!  This pool has some really cool slides and just this past weekend, Rilyn and Ella got brave enough to try them!

shadowglen pool slides

Here is Rilyn going down! (She only went down about 15 times that day!)


And here is Ella. Now Ella went 3 times before the lifeguard caught on that she wasn’t exactly tall enough. Oops!

You can tell by Ella adjusting her goggles before she

goes in, that this slide is not fast as long as you are

sitting.  But if you lay down, that’s another story!

And here is Asher sporting his new floatation device that we love!

It’s really nice to have such a fun, clean pool near us to swim in everyday. Why is it so clean? Well, because we have very specific rules.   (The last rule is my favorite.) 🙂

It makes me shudder that they even have to print rules like the last one…really,

are people that gross?

1 Response to “neighborhood pool”

  1. 1 Kristy
    June 21, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    Your girls are SO brave! Remember when I wouldn’t even try the slides and I was in jr. high or high school? I was such a coward! I have always loved the water though and it looks like they do too!

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