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birthday festivities

Rilyn got to choose one friend to bring with her to her birthday dinner on Thursday to Gattiland and she chose Cole.  Very sweet.  Rilyn and Cole ride to school together every morning and of course we see them all the time since Cole’s parents are our best friends since college and they live on the street behind us.

Ella, Rilyn, and Cole
Rilyn is finally tall enough to ride the bumper cars!  She didn’t quite go anywhere,

but got bumped around a lot!

On Friday, Rilyn had a birthday sleepover. When the girls were over we decided to let the butterflies fly free that emerged from their cocoons the previous day.

Ella with the butterfly

At Rilyn’s sleepover, we did crafts, went swimming, ate Happy Meals, had ice cream sundaes, painted our nails, and watched movies! It was a fun-filled girly night and everyone had a good time! Rilyn was the last to fall asleep at about 11 p.m.!

ice cream!
sleepy time!

The next morning was her paint-your-own pottery party. I made a very special cake for her too that I was excited to cut into!

Ceramics N More
Rilyn very carefully painting a rainbow unicorn
getting ready to open presents
The top of my 6 layer cake
I love Rilyn’s friend’s face in this picture as James cuts open the Rainbow Cake!

Rilyn is all about rainbows so making this cake for her was so fun! I learned about it from this blog.


Rilyn’s portraits

Here are Rilyn’s 6 year portraits!


six years old!

Rilyn is six years old today!  She is our precious first born.  She is a leader, sensitive, a people-pleaser, and rule-follower to the core.  She loves Jesus and the Bible and we are praying for her one day soon to accept Him into her heart.  She is responsible, smart, and beautiful.  We love our Rilyn Jalie!!!  Happy 6th Birthday!
We start every birthday off with walking into their room to wake them up holding a donut with candles in it and singing to them!

wake up!

Rilyn is on the top bunk and as I reached the flaming donut up to her face while taking a picture, part of her hair singed in the flames! Oops! We decided 5 candles will be the maximum limit in a donut! 


So after we stunk up her bedroom with burnt hair, she walked into the kitchen to find it all decorated for her!

This face is worth all the effort!
Have to wear your birthday shirt!
She got to open one present before school (from Ella)-a Strawberry Shortcake doll!

Today is the last day of kindergarten too, so we brought cookies up to her class! How fun!

Rilyn and Ella

And when we got home, the cocoons her Oma and Papaw got her for her birthday started ‘hatching’. What perfect timing! Rilyn and Cole got to watch butterflies come out of their cocoons! Very neat!

Rilyn and Cole looking into the butterfly house
inside the butterfly house
Rilyn watching the butterfly emerge from it’s cocoon
monarch butterfly!
As we celebrate Rilyn’s life today, we also celebrate God’s creation of new life!

little miss bossy


As promised, here is Ella’s dance recital routine to Someday My Prince Will Come.  Hope you get a few laughs, (Ella is the center dancer)!

My photography business!

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