A bonding moment

Last Friday night James and 3 of his friends walked over to our house from our neighbor’s house to get Rock Band for the Wii.  Me and the kids were at my neighbor’s house hanging out.  They were gone a long time. 

Too long.

When they finally came back to the house you could tell they had a bonding moment.  A GUY bonding moment, (not a coffee house, long talk with tears kind of bonding moment that girls like to have.)  This was an adrenaline pumping, BB gun shooting, slicing open a snake kind of bonding moment AT MY HOUSE!

So as the story goes, they were walking up to my house and one of James’ friends saw a coiled snake in our vent above our garage.

vent above our garage

They immediately get their weapons of choice (a stick, a BB gun, a shovel, a rake…) and go after the snake.


They get it down and discover it is a texas rat snake 2 feet long.  So they shoot it about 4 times with a BB gun.

You can see some of the bb’s bulging out of the snakes neck in this pic

After it is dead they notice a bulging in the snake’s belly.

the bulge

Being guys, they slice open the body to discover that he had recently eaten one of our resident birds that nest in the vent. (If you want to see the picture click here.) Then they proceed to chop it’s head off and put it in an old gatorade bottle so James can show off their conquest to me (like I want to see!) Gross!
I am just glad that the snake was discovered by them and not me! Apparently the snake had to have had slithered up our garage doors to get it’s tasty bird treat. It gives me chills just thinking about it!!!  Ewwww!

*And I must give props to James for taking pictures.  I’m not necessarily excited to see these type of pictures BUT at least he is learning to have the foresight to get the camera when something important is happening!   That’s my guy!

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