Pine Cove day 1

We just got back from our week long family camp vacation at Pine Cove!  We had a great time and I can’t wait to wade through all 400 pictures!  😉  Day 1 was last Sunday afternoon. 

When you enter the camp you see this:

All the counselors are hooping and hollering while your car drives in!  I should of realized from

this scene that my week was going to be LOUD!!  (And it was!)  😉 

We are about to enter into camp and we let the girls go through the sun roof to see all

the counselors going crazy for them!

The couselors unload our car for us-so nice!  We are shown to our cabin which was also

SO NICE!  Two bunk beds and a queen with 2 showers and 2 toilet rooms!  Living in luxury!

checking out camp and the view of the lake

That night we had a pool party and the girls were not scared at all to jump off the high dive!

Rilyn taking the plunge!

I’m reminded again how thankful I am for the swimming lessons we took this summer!

Ella jumping from the high dive!
I guess this is James’ attempt at a dive?!?  😉

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