pine cove day 5

Thursday was all about banana boating!  I’m so glad Jen took pictures of our family because Ella’s expressions are priceless!  (Once again, Ella was scared, but asked God for courage to ride!)

banana boating time!
Rilyn can barely keep her helmet on!
Ella is screaming!
Jen said she made this face the whole time!
ella:  terrified
Rilyn being a little daring!

After we went, we decided it would be fun(ny) to have a ‘kids only’ banana boat ride. We were definitely the mean parents, making the boat driver go faster even though the kids would put their thumbs down to slow down. We were laughing so hard at their expense!

Cole had his thumb down pretty much the whole time!

I’m sad this next picture isn’t clearer, but I had to post to show these bff’s and their personalities! Anna is holding her thumb up to go faster and Ella is holding her thumb down to slow down! 😉

anna and ella

At one point, the boat started sinking because of the speed and it was hilarious!

they were so scared but we were dying laughing!!

After banana boating, we went to the pool where we all took turns going down the slide! 

Always following the rules!  Her arms are crossed perfectly!
The second time Rilyn went down, she didn’t enter as graceful! 

1 Response to “pine cove day 5”

  1. 1 Kristy
    July 28, 2010 at 7:57 am

    You are right- these are hilarious! I’m so glad I get to know your family better this way:)

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