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I’m going to miss this.

This has been my mantra the past few weeks.  As a mother with young children, summer is a little too L-O-N-G.  I’m not going to lie and say I was sad when it was back to school time.  But, at the same time, I do want to treasure and remember that I won’t be a mother of young children for long.  As much as I don’t think so in the times of whining, drawing on my walls, tantruming, and sand on my floors, I AM going to miss this.  So, maybe this post is just for me today, but I choose to see these pictures as a joy rather than a burden because one day, far down the road, when I’m sending my daughters off to prom, sending my son off to Texas A&M ;-), or maybe sitting alone in a quiet house (which I’m doing right now-ALLELUIA!), I am going to miss this.

my living room on any given day (we call it ‘the pit’ these days)
my porch on any given day (there is about that much sand scattered throughout my

floors too if I were ever to sweep it up!)

My couch where Asher sits and eats his snacks.  Don’t worry, I’ll brush the crumbs off

before you come over to visit!

We’ve had a couple of these episodes lately.  Fortunately, Asher used chalk and not

sharpie markers.  So I made him clean it up with a wipe, (which hindsight might of

been too much fun for him and encourage him to do this again!)

And just for fun, I’m for sure going to miss this! (Because in a couple of years Asher won’t be caught dead playing with Prince Charming and Prince Eric! At least I hope so!)

My photography business!

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