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saturday crafts

I have been wrapped up in buying things for the Thanksgiving table lately, since for the first time in Austin, we are hosting Thanksgiving for James’ family.  Gold chargers, brown table runner, off white table cloth, my off white china…I want to buy cloth napkins too, but then I would HAVE to buy napkin rings, right?  🙂  It has been really fun to ‘dress’ the table and I’m looking forward to the finished product on Thursday.  One thing I knew we needed was place cards, and as much as I wanted to make fancy looking, ‘sophisticated’ ones that I see on so many of the craft blogs, I knew the girls would enjoy making them and it would add a personal touch to our table.  So, out came the craft scissors, special gold pen, stickers, and buttons (that was Rilyn’s request).  The girls were busy in their room for awhile.  Ella got to make 6 and Rilyn 6.  Ella came out with her 6 and here is an example of one:

Oma won’t mind her turkey standing up right?

When I asked Ella why she taped the button on when they have glue in their room, she reminded me that she can’t use glue until December because she glued pink paper to her door a few weeks ago. Oh yeah, oops! I guess I have two rule-followers in the family, (well plus me, so three, and we are pretty certain Asher is NOT a rule-follower!)

Here is the evidence of that past event where Ella got on ‘glue restriction’ 

hot pink paper+glue stick+door=residue that won’t come off

And I have no clue why she thought gluing paper to a door was okay.

Rilyn made an another craft today with her Wikki Stix. She put this on our kitchen cupboard, isn’t is cute?

gobble gobble!

My photography business!

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