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God’s perfect timing

Today started out pretty rough.

Being a Saturday, and James not being home all day, meant I was planning on going to Temple to spend the day with my parents and the kids.  Well, Rilyn got an ear infection on Friday and as it turns out, the probiotic she started using (with her antibiotic) made her sick to her stomach and she started vomiting 5 minutes before we were about to drive away this morning.  Blessing for sure, because she got sick three more times, and if I was driving in the car with her, and with the way she was screaming how she was going to die, (she is a little dramatic if you don’t know her), I probably would of had a panic attack on I-35.  But God knows just what I can handle, and I am so thankful we were not in the car!  And so I called my mom to cancel our trip, and sat on the couch with a barfing bowl for Rilyn as I looked out the window at the crappy weather (cold, wet, rainy) and thought about how James was going to be gone ALL day, and it was a Saturday (Saturday for me means James is home to help me with the kids!)  Yes, I was having a major pity party for myself.

Then I remembered that the photographer who took our portraits in December told me she mailed our photo CD on Thursday.  I literally pleaded with God that if it’s His will, I would really love to get that CD in the mail today!!  (Because ya know, photography=happiness in my book and God knows I needed something positive today!)  And so, I opened our mail box, and there it was!!!! I praised God for His perfect timing!  I think I even had tears of joy in my eyes.  And then I spent the afternoon going through the photo CD!  (And Rilyn felt 100% better in the afternoon!  I even felt so good, that I put Asher in underwear for the first time- DURING HIS NAP TIME!  That’s right, I felt so good, that I didn’t care if I had to wash all his sheets if he peed through his new Cars Underoos!  (And he looked sooo cute in them!)  He woke up dry too, so it was another added blessing from God!

I’ve mentioned before on my blog, but the photographer was Jennifer McKinney, or MckMama, as she is known in the blogging world.  She is from Minnesota, and has such a fan following that she is able to travel the States doing photography!  Here is a picture of me and Jennifer in mid-December when she took our portraits.


Okay, here are “a few” of my favorites from the 20 minute shoot at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens!  😉

I’m getting this one on canvas!
Rilyn 6 1/2 years old
A girl without freckles is like a night without stars!
married 9 1/2 years…
Rilyn and Asher, our two look-alikes
I think it’s safe to say Asher will have more than enough kisses in his life!
more kisses!
Asher just being Asher!
gotta love the gap!
Asher looks thrilled

My photography business!

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