Here’s looking at you Austin

For Christmas, James bought me a Chimpsy photo field trip/class.  Such a perfect gift for me!  Today I went, and had a lot of fun!  I definitely learned how to stay out of “auto” and start venturing into “manual” mode on my camera.  This is very scary for a beginner photographer such as myself!  I’m not a big “let’s take pictures of landscape” person, so today’s class was hard for me because we were supposed to take pictures of things, not people.  I figured to spice it up, I will take pictures of the weirdest things I saw in our little part of Austin where we were shooting at, (San Marcos St. and 6th).

air stream trailers selling food were everywhere!
Some sort of fire hydrant bonfire?!?
I liked this trailer because it said “Lucky J’s”
interesting visual of telling the public you’re “open”
even the trees have character!
An old school bus serving lunch next to a “courtyard” with crazy art sculptures.
So I thought this trailer was cool and while I was snapping the shot, this girl ran

in my picture who looked very Austin’y’ if you ask me!

The “Vegan Yacht” airstream trailer
The “Local Yolk” airstream

Part of our practice was to take shots of “leading lines”. This provides interest in photographs. Here are some of my favorite I took.

1 Response to “Here’s looking at you Austin”

  1. 1 Jen
    February 15, 2011 at 10:41 am

    Hi there-i found your blog link through the peck’s blog and realized that you guys go the stone too 🙂 this is probably going to sound random but i was wondering if you would be interested in taking some pictures for our family? i know you are just getting started so i’m not sure you’re doing that yet but you are take such great ones of your kids! if you are interested you can email me (jbmallinson@gmail.com) and let me know. i looked for an email link on your page but didn’t see it. thanks 🙂

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