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flashback friday-modeling edition

Back in James’ early teen years, he did a little modeling!  His dear mom kindly brought me some of the papers where he was featured in the “Trends” section of the Fort Worth Star Telegram in June 1992.  Get ready to see some pretty cool t-shirt modeling!  😉

the scan cut the words off but James is modeling a “casper-creature” t-shirt.  I think it looks like a hip-hop Pillsbury Dough Boy!

What’s up ladies? 😉

I’m sure no one had to tell him how to do this pose!
such a natural!  😉

Then these shots were in his “portfolio”

I can appreciate the lighting technique in this photo!

just some rilyn

Rilyn had to fill out a “student interest inventory” for one of her classes at school.  When she brought it home and I read it, I had to laugh at some of her answers.

I like to collect:  toilet paper rolls

I like to read about:  interesting things

I like to write about:  interesting stuff

My favorite place to visit is:  24 Hour Fitness

When I grow up I want to be a:  teacher and a make-up doer

If I could have three wishes, I would wish for:

1.  Aggies to win all of their games

2.  To be the president

3.  To have cake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

School would be better if:  everyone at school was an Aggie.  🙂


3 photos

I wanted to get some creative photos of Asher for his 3rd birthday.  Here are my attempts:

This boy loves his cars!

another creative shirt given by grandma!
It’s hard being a superhero
Asher’s stubborness- God can turn to passion!
What’s in store for this little guy?  Praying for big things!


We celebrated Maundy Thursday this past week by James washing the girl’s feet.  We read John 13:1-17 about Jesus washing Simon Peter’s feet the night before he died.

James washing Ella’s feet.

Then the girls dyed eggs with their Oma and Papaw on Saturday in colors that represented parts of the Easter story.

Black is for the sin that hurts us so
But God can clean it white as snow.
Red, Jesus died because He loves us so,
And green, He wants us all to grow.
Purple, His royal color true,
Blue, He will come back one day for you.
There is orange and pink of sun rise bold,
And in Heaven, yellow streets of gold.

*poem taken from here

After church on Sunday, we had our Easter egg hunt!

90 eggs between the 3 of them!
this one looks good!

And then the kids got to open their Easter baskets (and Asher opened his birthday presents from family)

thanks grandma!  😉

Picture that Asher wouldn’t want me to post if he was older:

this is a ring pop in his mouth!

Then we sang “Happy Birthday” to Asher!


The rest of the afternoon, Asher played with his sisters in his new pool! It was a wonderful day celebrating the Risen Son and our son!

birthday fun

party time!

Asher had his 3rd birthday party on Saturday at Hoppin’ Hippo.  We were blessed with dear friends and family who came as far as Dallas to celebrate our little guy!

Hoppin’ Hippo
friends and family
CARS themed cake!
bouncin’ his heart out
Anna and Ella bouncin’ their hearts out
I just think it looks awkward to come out of a giraffe’s

front legs.

Malachi taking out Asher
I got knocked down with this shot.  Never get too close to the bottom of a slide

unless you’re prepared to be pummeled!

Asher devouring the sweets with his best friends-Kian, Caden, and Malachi
Asher tipping over while I’m trying to get the “presen


mask from Malachi…new boy toys that have entered

our girly domain…


Asher is three!

Happy 3rd Birthday to my son who, without him, life simply wouldn’t be as “colorful”!  (Colorful is a mommy code word.)    😉  Asher is a sensitive soul who loves cars, watching movies, jumping off things, getting dirty, and saying his letters.  Dislikes:  any animal that is not behind a cage and pooping in the potty (still won’t do it!  ugh.)  This next year of life will bring team sports, swim lessons, 2nd trip to Disneyland, and hopefully no trips to the E.R. (I’ve seen what little boys can do!)  Busta’ reminds me every hour that I need to rely on the Lord for raising him and that my strength can only come from Him!  (More mommy code for “he’s my toughest child, but the Lord is sanctifying me in the process.”)


flashback Friday

I can’t help but post this again from Easter in March 2008:

Rilyn lately likes to make up her own songs. Today, Easter Sunday, she did not disappoint and decided to compose a ballad of the true meaning of Easter for us. Her video is priceless (her lyrics a bit random), but if you will watch till the end, Ella will manage to get attention too! (Watch her practice her launching skills too, you will see it didn’t help much!)


Jesus died on the cross

For the dead of God

He is the rose of the dead

That’s right!

He rose up from dead

Now we go to church on Sundays and Thursdays

That’s why we are churches

We have church in heaven all way down

Jesus loves us because we are heaven

We are going to go in heaven

Someday we will go in heaven

We will want Him too

And someday we will see Jesus in our heart


May Jesus loves us and you mommy and


Hmm. Hmm.


a hunting she will go!

Rilyn had her class Easter egg hunt today.  I volunteered to stuff and hide all 300 eggs.  I’m definitely not mom of the year though-I didn’t even go to Ella or Asher’s egg hunt.  (At least I sent them to preschool with the 12 stuffed eggs their teachers asked for!)  🙂

all worth the work for seeing these faces!
go get’em!
Rilyn’s best friend in her class

my little chickies

I did a quick photo shoot this evening with my kids in their new Easter clothes.  Go on over to my photo blog and check it out!


leave it to grandma!

Grandma came for a quick visit today and she never can come empty-handed!  Leave it to grandma to buy the most interesting shirt I’ve ever seen!  It’s very practical for Asher, because this boy tries to carry about 10 matchbox cars around the house at a time and drops them all over.  How cute is this shirt?  Thanks Grandma!!!

8 pockets for his cars so he can walk around with them!
Hmmm, I think I’ll take this one out!
It’s kind of like a bullet proof vest, but for his tummy!  😉

You can buy them here if you are interested.

My photography business!

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