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Summer is so close Rilyn can feel it!

sun bathing
jumping for joy!

Asher has no fear in the water, and he loved getting to swim in grandpa’s pool this past weekend!

Asher took swimming lessons in May, but he didn’t pass.  Don’t tell him that though, he thinks he can swim!  😉

another new photo shoot!

Another beautiful family to photograph!  My “job” is so hard!  😉

Sneak peek:


new photo shoot

I think the peacocks know me by now at Mayfield Park!  I love the beauty of that place though.  There really is nothing compared to it in Austin!  Enjoy more spring beauty with this beautiful family!

Sneak peek:

strutting her stuff!

our little graduate

Ella graduated preschool on Tuesday night. If you ask me, it’s all a little silly. I mean, it’s kind of a big let down to think you are “graduating” when you have about 16 years left of school! The preschool teachers did all they could to get the parents to cry, but James and I held strong. Ella asked why we didn’t cry, (apparently the teachers told the kids that their parents would cry during the ceremony), and we told her we were excited for her to start kindergarten! (And we’re really excited to have one less tuition bill!)

another Ella face

Each “duo” had a line to recite in a poem.

their “poetry line” was “the purple headed mountains”  🙂

The big moment! (And I think Ella left her diploma at the church!)

Ella is now “official”

Poor Rilyn. She has a case of the “Jelly bugs” (jealously) of all the attention Ella has been getting this week. Next week is her week though…she is turning 7!

sisters with matching dresses

The three graduates. What is funny to me about this picture is that they are lined up from oldest to youngest…and Ella is the oldest! She might have gotten some recessive short gene…

Ella, Anna, and Jake

I have to include this picture, because it made me stop and stare when I saw it…foreshadowing…maybe!

Levi and Rilyn

ten years

Happy 10 year anniversary to my best friend!  Some days it feels like yesterday that we were 22, and walking down the aisle after being pronounced husband and wife, and other days…not so much.  😉 We are perfect for each other though, (in a sinful nature kind of way  🙂 ), and it is more apparent every day.  To think back in these last 10 years, and to see all that God has accomplished in our union….just so thankful and blessed.  Here are 10 random things that I just thought of real quick that I love about my man.

1.  Loves Jesus first in his life.  More than me or the kids, and that’s the way it should be.

2.  Cleans the house way better than I do.

3.  Plays with the kids so well that he would be mistaken for a kid if he wasn’t 6 feet tall.

4.  Knows what fills me up (spiritually/emotionally) and gives me time to pursue it.

5.  Watches the Bachelor (and sometimes E! News) with me.

6.  Goes to every important event in the kid’s lives.  His rule:  If it’s important to my child, then it’s important to me.

7.  Let’s me sleep in…a lot.

8.  Let’s me pick what we do on most of our dates.  So we go shopping and probably to Olive Garden.  🙂

9.  He has so many GOOD friends.  It reminds me daily of what others see in him.

10.  He is still fine.  ♥

our wedding party

We are going to celebrate in Kauai, Hawaii in 2 weeks!!!


birthday gift

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday.  It’s hard to get someone something who can just buy anything they want for themselves.  So I had to get creative.  I searched blogs.  I found this.  And I made this:

This is her four grandkids in birth order.  Rilyn, Ella, Asher, and Caden.  I bought a big frame so I can redo it when all the grandkidsare finished being born.  (By the way, I am done!  My brother and sister can keep the grandkids coming…)

never cracked a smile

Ella’s dance recital, “I Love New York” was Sunday evening. We were thankful for family and friend (shout out to Denise!) who came to watch! Ella really enjoyed her recital although you would never know it by watching her perform. She never cracked a smile the entire 2 performances (a tap and a ballet number). She tapped to “I Don’t Need Anything But You” from Annie and did ballet to “Kiss the Girl” from The Little Mermaid.

Ella tapping and Anna next to her
Ella jumping a little early!
Ella trying to get the pose right…put your right arm down honey.  🙂
I just like this picture because at this age, the girls are all doing their own thing.  Ella is in the air!
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for coming!
Uncle Ben and Braden came to watch too!
family pic
we are so proud of you Ella!

do all boys play like this?!?

Mommy mistake.  I let Asher outside in the backyard the day after a hard rain.  He played outside for 15 minutes independently before I checked on him…

Yes, he was drinking the “water” in the sand table.

And this isn’t the first time he did this. Check here for another time that I caught him with my camera.


Sweet hearts

I did a photo shoot yesterday morning with Ella and her best friend, Anna, in their recital costumes.  Their recital is tonight!
Here is a sneak peek.  If you want to see their faces, you have to go and check out the rest here!


field day 2011

Field Day at Manor Elementary was a success if you ask this happy girl!

yes, she is wet.  You’ll find out why in a minute…

There was tug of war:

love Rilyn’s look of determination

Potato sack races:

with her best friend


she had a smile on her face the whole sprint!

Hula hooping:

she is really good at this even though the picture didn’t catch it

Flag tag:


And Rilyn got to do all these games with her most loyal supporters cheering her on!

Ella and Asher and proud sister, Rilyn

But her favorite activity? When her teacher sprayed all the kids with a hose over and over and over!

Rilyn trying to run!
direct shot from Mrs. Stein!

Rilyn and her friend trying to escape the hose!

pure joy

Not a tear was shed…by Rilyn.  But Asher?…well he wanted his own big bag of M&M’s at the concession stand and I’m such a mean mommy, I wouldn’t let him.

There is his one tear.

My photography business!

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