3 photos

I wanted to get some creative photos of Asher for his 3rd birthday.  Here are my attempts:

This boy loves his cars!

another creative shirt given by grandma!
It’s hard being a superhero
Asher’s stubborness- God can turn to passion!
What’s in store for this little guy?  Praying for big things!

1 Response to “3 photos”

  1. 1 Leigh Paulsen
    May 2, 2011 at 9:34 pm

    Julie: Several months late I am visiting your “blog” as the address was in your folks Christmas letter. I am very busy moving some approx 4,000 35 mm slides into my computer. Your Dad mentioned that you are an expert in Photoshop,which with my old computer I could do one or two things. With the new computer and the V600 Epson scanner, I have had nothing but trouble with Photoshop. I bought special Photoshop soft ware that the sales lady said would solve all of my problems. All that I got was a useless piece of software. So either you should move to Minnesota or I should move to Texas so that I could get some good instructions about Photoshop.
    I have some photos of your Dad and his siblings over the years, which you might enjoy looking at. If you are interested send me you E-Mail address and I will E-Mail them to you as they come up to go on the computer.
    Meanwhile send us some of your hot weather as we are having a very late spring and it cold up here in the Tundra!!

    Leigh Paulsen

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