professional tooth yanker

I’m pretty sure that I’m a professional tooth yanker by now.  Tonight was my 7th tooth I’ve pulled out of my kid’s mouths.  I say “kid’s” because tonight Ella lost her first tooth!  Right on time too.  Rilyn lost her first tooth at 5.1 years.  Ella is 5.3 years old.

Ella is so different from Rilyn in a lot of ways though.  One of which is toughness.  (See Rilyn’s first tooth being pulled out here and how wimpy sensitive she was.)  Now Ella picks and chooses when she wants to be tough, but when she wants to be-boy, she is TOUGH!  Shots, getting sick (like vomiting), and now yanking a tooth for close to 5 minutes doesn’t faze her in the least.  She told me about it being loose just this afternoon and I didn’t believe her.  I finally got around to feeling it tonight and I was surprised!  I shouldn’t of been, because both her and Rilyn got their first teeth at 4 months so they should be losing them at the same ages, but it is hard to think of Ella as “growing up.”  She is still my little girl.  Her tooth probably would of come out on it’s own a few days later, but no, she wanted it out now so she could show everyone at preschool tomorrow her new smile.  So I yanked, and wiggled, and twisted, and that is why her smile is a little bloody.  🙂

new smile

And here is Ella with her first bottom two teeth!

june 2006

Oh, and in typical Ella fashion, about 15 minutes after I put her to bed tonight she came out of her room crying because she was playing with her tooth pocket, (that was supposed to stay under her pillow so mommy can give her a dollar tonight), and her tooth fell out of it and now is lost somewhere in her bed. She is devastated because James is out of town and she wanted to show him her first tooth. I told her we will look for it tomorrow. Do I think we will find it? Not a chance.
I guess it’s a good thing Rilyn has kept some of her baby teeth…Ella won’t know the difference! 😉

1 Response to “professional tooth yanker”

  1. 1 Kristy
    April 13, 2011 at 9:00 pm

    Maybe you should have been a dentist:)

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