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new glass and a little potty training

For my birthday I received the best birthday present ever from my hubs!  He had me convinced that we could not afford this, and I was perfectly fine with that.  After all, it was a big want, and not a need.  So, as the post title states, I got some new glass for my camera.  A professional Canon luxury lens!  I was speechless.  I told James the last time I felt like that was when he proposed, and I had no clue what was coming.  I played around with it this afternoon because I have a photo shoot tomorrow evening.  Here are some pics of the girls:

making an ella face
a little sass

I took the girls to the pool this afternoon in an effort to finish potty training Asher. What I mean by this is I took the girls to the pool without Asher because he still won’t go poo poo in the potty. He doesn’t get to go in the neighborhood pool until he does (now, I could fold on this promise because it’s not fair during the week to keep my girls home because of Asher, but for now, while the pool is only opened on the weekends…) While we were getting ready for the pool, Asher was putting his shoes on too, and when we told him he couldn’t go, he started crying. In an effort to rub it in, James even walked him to the pool and let him watch the girls and I behind the fence. I, of course, had my camera ready to capture this moment of, how shall we say it nicely? Extreme parenting? 🙂 Listen, I’m tired of buying pull-ups!!!
Here’s him pouting:

if you would just poo poo in the potty stubborn boy!
full out crying=success?  We’ll see tomorrow…

My photography business!

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