fresh, cold lemonade for sale!

I’m pretty sure my 7 year old has a bucket list already (written up in her head).  One of those items on her list is to have a lemonade stand!  Her aunt Mandy graciously offered to have it on her front yard in Fort Worth, so off we went this weekend to visit James’ family and have a lemonade stand!

the upsale: offer them strawberries for only a $1 extra!

The girls with their beloved aunt (James’ little sister)!

Ready for business!

Ella kept trying to give customers lemonade without the ice!  Not good for a 100 degree + day!

These sisters (especially Rilyn), have no fear when it comes to strangers. (They do not get it from us!) They were dancing all along the street, shouting at cars, waving their arms around trying to get attention to their stand!

Come and get it!!!

A customer!

Rilyn’s smile says it all in this picture! Making the sale is a dream for her!

you like her bedazzled fingerless gloves?!?  😉

If you think the girls had red pig tails, you were right. Just another fun aunt thing to do!

It did get busy at one point! They did fairly well, (with much thanks to Papaw Bear who was on the phone calling his friends to come buy a fresh, cold, glass of lemonade!)  I believe they made $50 total in profit!

business is booming!

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