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quips not to forget

I am pretty good at documenting family photos, but I’ve been slacking in the past year with documenting funny things my kids say and/or where I used my cell phone camera.  I’ve used facebook to record these things, and facebook isn’t permanent.  My blog is more permanent to me, so I finally am recording some of past facebook statuses that I don’t want to forget!

Asher’s way to keep cool on this 108 degree day? Spit his milk in a fan to blowback all over his face. Refreshing!
Every once in awhile your windows need a good wet sand scrub, ya know,to get rid of all those unwanted blemishes.
This can’t be my son…trying to potty train him STILL, so leaving him naked today.He pees on our backyard porch and then steps in it?!? Ewww!
Love this. “Mommy, she looks just like me!” Ella saidwhen she got this new doll in her happy meal tonight.

I need to make my oldest bored more often. She told me, “I just want something to organize mom!”

Ella picked out a green wrapped (sour apple) lollipop for dessert tonight and asked me, “Is this flavor called grass or salad?”

Being the younger sister is hard enough, (I wouldn’t know, but I’ve just heard…), but when you pair that with Rilyn having a friend over, and Ella not…you get Ella telling me that Rilyn and her friend are playing “superstars” and Ella is their servant. At least she doesn’t mind. I caught her massaging their feet.

Ella hands me a dime and says, “Here mom, save this so we can go to Disneyland.” (anytime the girls want something, I’ve been telling them we need to save our money for Disneyland this summer)

I’m not sure Rilyn quite understands “magic” shows. I just watched as Ella was stuck in a upside down large clear storage box and then Rilyn told me, “I will make her disappear now. Just close your eyes, plug your ears, and say “blah, blah, blah!” and then I will tell you when to stop.” Sure enough, Ella had “disappeared” when Rilyn let me open my eyes. 😉 pretty magical.

“Here mom. You can eat the rest of my jelly beans.”
“Wow, thanks Ella, that is really nice of you.”
“Some have hair on them because I dropped them on the floor.”

At one of the stores at the Austin rodeo, Rilyn reads a sign for sale that says, “raising children is like being pecked to death by chickens.”  The store clerk looks at me and says “sorry.”

I love this girly girl! Rilyn came home today with this story she wrote at school: “Once upon a time there was a princess named Ariana. Her hair was beautiful as a flower. When she was born her mother gave her a gift and it was love. The princess spent all her time drawing.”

My husband just bought a pull up bar to install in a door and Ella saw the box and said, “So, you have to be naked to do it?” (the man on the box had no shirt on…) 😉

My son walked in the house from the backyard and I just found him ‘cleaning’ his muddy face in the toilet bowl. It looked as gross as it sounds.

After telling the girls that my sour attitude was because of Asher’s behavior, I couldn’t be surprised when Rilyn left this note in my purse later, “Dear Mom, I’m sorry I made you mad. I just didn’t get enough sleep cause Ella woke me up, okay?” I had to apologize to her first on why I shouldn’t of blamed anyone else on my behavior, and then we talked about why she should take responsibility for her own behavior.

Ella’s bedtime prayer tonight: “Dear Jesus, thank you for helping me stay in the lines (coloring).” 🙂

My son really is influenced by his older sisters’ use of language. He just said, “Look at the helicopter mommy. It is beautiful.”

Counselor visit in Rilyn’s class today. She
came home singing a new little diddy, “Stop! Don’t
touch me there! This is my no-no square!” (she makes a square from the
top of her neck to the top of her knees.)

Boys vs. girls. Another example of how different they are! (I’m babysitting a 5 1/2 yr. old boy.) In her room, Rilyn says: “You want to see my diary?” Him: “Ewwww, you have diarrhea!!!!”

My 4 1/2 year old daughter said after getting dressed this morning, “I’m teenager ready!” What?!?!

So maybe I went back to bed after I gave Asher breakfast and maybe he made me pay for it by waking up to black (washable, thank goodness) marker all over our refrigerator, table, chairs, floors, toys, and windows. He really worked hard to show mommy what he thinks of me sleeping in.-October 2010

trying to ‘sleep in’ on this rainy morning! Apparently Asher didn’t get the memo, so he decided it would be a good morning to draw with purple marker all over his sisters’ white bunk beds, sheets, and comforter.-Sept. 2010

Ella talks NON-STOP in the car to me every single time we drive anywhere. It is usually about the most random things. Today was, “Mommy, I look so cute when I’m falling asleep. You should really take a picture next time.” 😉

After Ella told me I was the best mommy ever, I told her she is the best ‘Ella’ ever, to which she replied, “That’s because I can always smell poopy diapers first.”

Materialism rears it’s ugly head. Rilyn: “Mom, just let me die here!!!” We were at Claire’s.

November 2011 from Ella’s K teacher:  We read a book today about a momma bear and a baby bear. We were comparing things that adults can do that children can’t. Ella’s example- “sometimes my mom grows hair on her legs and has to cut off and kids can’t do that.”

E-mail from Ella’s teacher: We were talking about “things we can smell” today and I asked each student to tell me one thing they liked to smell and one thing they do not like to smell. Ella told us she loves the smell of gas stations and does not like the smell of “man stink.”

Random thoughts from Ella today at lunch while eating with her in the cafeteria. “Mama, is that cleaning lady old?” “No, not that old.” “Well, her face is all crumbled.”
“Mama, do ants go to heaven?” “No.” “Awesome! They go to hell!”

oh my Ella bella! She came home from school and told me she got a bloody nose. I looked at the nurse’s note and it said “Advised to not pick her nose.” Proud mommy. 😛

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