back to school dance!

I volunteered at Rilyn’s back to school dance on Thursday afternoon and it was INSANE!  Two hundred and sixty 7-11 year old kids crammed into the cafeteria for 3 hours with a DJ pumping tunes on full blast!  The snack bar was crazy too!  There were literally like 15 kids at once, and at all times, handing us bills and buying soda/candy/nachos/glow bracelets, etc.  I think we had 6 moms back there helping and we still were working non-stop!  I slipped away from the snack bar at one point to take some pictures, but even my camera could not take good pictures of a dimly lit cafeteria with movement everywhere.  My next purchase will be an external flash that should help in situations like that.

Here is the crowd!  (The PTO should be making a pretty penny off of this dance!)

Here is Rilyn, who was definitely enjoying herself!

Here is Ella in one of the many random conga lines that slithered through the cafeteria!

And here is Rilyn’s teacher pumping his fists in the air! He was a dancing machine(sweaty too)! The kids loved it! I was surprised how many teachers let loose on the dance floor!

What made me laugh was when a hip-hop song would come on. It felt like the whole cafeteria knew the song and dance except for my girls! 😉

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