Rilyn’s turn at Kyle

Rilyn was lucky, (we have tried to obliterate that word from our vocabulary as we believe all things are from God!), blessed enough to be able to go to an Aggie game this season.  It was Ella’s year to go, and she did, but there was an extra ticket this past weekend, and Rilyn got it!  We had to stop at the bounce houses before the game started!

pre-game festivities

Rilyn wanted to bring her beloved panda to the game who also shared in the Aggie spirit!

We dressed like it was cold (when we woke up it was in the 40s), and it felt like 90 degrees plus because the sun was beating down on us the entire game! Ugh!

We allowed Rilyn to whoop even though she is not a senior. 😉

So, unfortunately we lost this game against Missouri in overtime! It was so sad, because the night before a certain Missouri baseball team beat the Rangers in game 7 of the World Series. The state of Missouri is not high on James’ “places to visit” list! 🙂
After the game, they open up the field to let the fans take pictures on it, play football, etc. Rilyn never got to do this yet and really wanted to, even though all we wanted to do was leave this crummy game!

Rilyn throwing the football with James!

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