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Angry Birds party!

Asher had an Angry Bird birthday party! It was so much fun to plan!    Here is the link to James’ awesome short video he put together of the big day!

Here is the party in pictures!!

I made Angry Bird balloons using a template I found online.  Click the picture for a link.  (I drew my own orange and green Angry Bird faces though.)

For party favors, all the guests got sling shots! Inside the golden eggs, they got rubber bird balls they could use with their sling shot!

I bought all these eggs at Easter time for his party!

You can get Rubber Birds Bouncing Balls (pack of 12) here.  And sling shots here.

<“Foam “Wooden” Blocks“> found here.

While guests arrived, the birthday boy and guests jumped on the trampoline!

Asher’s sisters had an Angry Bird tattoo parlor too!

Before we started our first activity, James showed all the kids the golden eggs that they could win during a game. Little did the kids know who was behind them…

First activity was using “bird eggs” (Cascarones or confetti eggs) to throw at each other. I bought 6 dozen at Easter! 🙂

Next up was pinata time!

Then it was time for (Angry Bird) pizza!

After pizza, was the sling shot game! James and my brother built a 3 foot tall sling shot and we blew up 60 lime green balloons to use as “piggies”! James set up the boxes that the pigges were to be in with pins. I painted mini dodge balls with angry bird faces, and when a child slung a ball at the piggie balloon, the balloon would fall back on the pins and POP!

A pack of three mini dodge balls was $9 at HEB

Uh oh! The piggies are back and they’ve got our golden eggs!!!

Time to get those piggies!

See the blue Angry Bird flying?

Bam! Knocked out the top piggie!

Asher going for another turn! Every time a child knocked a piggie down, they got a golden egg with a prize inside!

We had a few crazy Angry Birds that had a little too much energy! LOL

It was getting hot outside, so we took a break for some cupcakes and ice cream!!

I love the sparkler candles! My kids are never too sure about them…

My kids always love the party blowers!

present time!!

After presents, the kids went back out to do some more damage to the piggies with the sling shot…this was what was left!

Piggie carnage! Lots of eyeballs and snouts!


Asher is FIVE!

Asher turned five years old yesterday!  He is an active boy, who loves to climb on furniture and  jump off of things.  He tests his boundaries constantly, and actually got his clip moved down to yellow on his yesterday for kissing a girl (on the cheek thankfully!)  He loves to cuddle, all things art, he is warming up to soccer (next up karate in the summer, and flag football in the fall!), has started to read, and still loves me the most in our family!  (ask him, it’s true.)  😉  I wouldn’t say he is an independent boy, but rather likes his sisters and I to do things for him, (and most of the time he gets away with it!)  What can I say?  He is the baby of the family!  Here is his special day in pictures!  (His Angry Bird party is Saturday, stay tuned!)
Traditional wake-up birthday donut!

Traditional “run through the crepe paper” on your birthday!

When Asher opened up his new mitt he said, “Look, I got a glove that holds a football!” And then he pointed to his new bat and said, “When can we play golf?”

He loves his new Angry Bird!

I couldn’t go up to preschool to eat lunch with him (because of standardized state testing), so I did the next best thing! I wrapped up all his lunch items!

We went to Chuck e Cheese for dinner to celebrate with his BFF!

I caught them in their “secret hideout” doing their “secret handshake”!

His favorite thing to play at Chuck E Cheese!

Asher and Caden! Friends since birth!

Every birthday, we like to make homemade cards. This year, I used his soccer picture and his Angry Birds party theme to create this:


Easter celebrations 2013!

Some of the many ways we celebrated Easter this year!

Egg hunts at school!

A visit with the creepiest Easter bunny I’ve ever seen!

Another egg hunt with Asher’s soccer league! (I love how Rilyn ran like her life depended on it for the eggs!)

Rilyn was sick on Easter Sunday, so grandma came after school last week to bring her Easter goodies to us!  Right after the kids got off the bus, they got to have an Easter egg hunt!

Grandma hides a “golden egg” that has a jackpot inside-a $5 bill!! This year Ella found it!

Asher was not too happy!

He started crying and refused to participate in the egg hunt! He wised up after a minute though when he realized his sisters were finding all the eggs while he was throwing a tantrum!

I wanted to include this picture of Rilyn because this is what she likes to wear to school these days in 3rd grade. A fake pony tail and high top shoes! Interesting trends…

After the egg hunt, grandma showered her grands with goodies!



It’s spring!  And spring in Texas means bluebonnet pictures!!

My photography business!

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