Easter celebrations 2013!

Some of the many ways we celebrated Easter this year!

Egg hunts at school!

A visit with the creepiest Easter bunny I’ve ever seen!

Another egg hunt with Asher’s soccer league! (I love how Rilyn ran like her life depended on it for the eggs!)

Rilyn was sick on Easter Sunday, so grandma came after school last week to bring her Easter goodies to us!  Right after the kids got off the bus, they got to have an Easter egg hunt!

Grandma hides a “golden egg” that has a jackpot inside-a $5 bill!! This year Ella found it!

Asher was not too happy!

He started crying and refused to participate in the egg hunt! He wised up after a minute though when he realized his sisters were finding all the eggs while he was throwing a tantrum!

I wanted to include this picture of Rilyn because this is what she likes to wear to school these days in 3rd grade. A fake pony tail and high top shoes! Interesting trends…

After the egg hunt, grandma showered her grands with goodies!

1 Response to “Easter celebrations 2013!”

  1. 1 Kristy
    April 20, 2013 at 6:24 pm

    It’s creative of you to take pictures of fashion trends- I’ve been trying over the years to do that with my students, too because they have been so “interesting”. My sister and I used to do a deal with the Easter eggs that we would “split” whatever we found because I would always find the most number of eggs, but she would always find the most $ inside even though she only found a few. . . we got clever after a few years:)

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