Asher is FIVE!

Asher turned five years old yesterday!  He is an active boy, who loves to climb on furniture and  jump off of things.  He tests his boundaries constantly, and actually got his clip moved down to yellow on his yesterday for kissing a girl (on the cheek thankfully!)  He loves to cuddle, all things art, he is warming up to soccer (next up karate in the summer, and flag football in the fall!), has started to read, and still loves me the most in our family!  (ask him, it’s true.)  😉  I wouldn’t say he is an independent boy, but rather likes his sisters and I to do things for him, (and most of the time he gets away with it!)  What can I say?  He is the baby of the family!  Here is his special day in pictures!  (His Angry Bird party is Saturday, stay tuned!)
Traditional wake-up birthday donut!

Traditional “run through the crepe paper” on your birthday!

When Asher opened up his new mitt he said, “Look, I got a glove that holds a football!” And then he pointed to his new bat and said, “When can we play golf?”

He loves his new Angry Bird!

I couldn’t go up to preschool to eat lunch with him (because of standardized state testing), so I did the next best thing! I wrapped up all his lunch items!

We went to Chuck e Cheese for dinner to celebrate with his BFF!

I caught them in their “secret hideout” doing their “secret handshake”!

His favorite thing to play at Chuck E Cheese!

Asher and Caden! Friends since birth!

Every birthday, we like to make homemade cards. This year, I used his soccer picture and his Angry Birds party theme to create this:

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