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it’s soccer time!

Well, it’s finally here!  Soccer season!  Rilyn had her first ever soccer practice Sunday afternoon.  Her team name is the ‘Teenie Texans’.  When I told her the team name, she wasn’t thrilled, but at least we aren’t the Longhorns, right?  (You can imagine how popular that team name is in Austin!)  Daddy had the honors of taking her and managed to get a few pictures for me (while trying to chase Asher!)  I had Sunday school duties at church.  When asked how she did, James said that she got a little ’emotional’ when they played the knockout drill and her ball got knocked out.  Both girls will have a lot to learn about competitive sports!  I’m sure they both will shed tears on the field!


fishing in February with family

Uncle Ben, James’ brother, came to visit this weekend.  We enjoyed a beautiful day at the park and Ben was able to give the girls’ their first fishing lesson!  Nothing was caught, but Rilyn seemed to really enjoy throwing the line in and reeling it back!  Ella, well she just wanted to feed the duck her crackers!  What we love about Ben-he is such a kid at heart and the kids always have the best time with him!

Uncle Ben teaching Rilyn
throwing the line in
Fishing that way will make your arm hurt fast Ella!
Hello down there!
Ben makes Rilyn push him!  😉
It’s the girls’ turn!
hanging on to uncle

just sit back and relax cousin

We love when we get to babysit our nephew, Caden!  He is so sweet and smiley and his cousins love to play with him!  Asher, though…well, I’m not sure what he was trying to do to poor Caden!  We’ll just say he was giving him a head ‘massage’.  😉

“Do you ever get that feeling that something scary is right behind you?”
Just sit back and relax cuz.  I do this all the time!
Not sure if this is what I call ‘relaxing’!
Uncle James, drop the camera and rescue me!!!!!!
You can’t fault Asher, who wouldn’t love this face?!?

longhorn math

Ever since we took Rilyn to her first Aggie football game in the fall, (and we were playing t.u.), she has been very sensitive to the Longhorn symbol. Whenever she sees it, (which is a lot in Austin!), she always has to make a comment about how she doesn’t like the Longhorns. We are trying to teach her that Longhorns can be our friends too. We just don’t want them to win when we are playing them! 🙂 (And later we will teach her how we really don’t ever like them winning at sports!) 😉 So this week in kindergarten, Rilyn had to measure different Texas ‘symbols’ for math. Her packet included things like a boot, a cactus, the flag, the state, the Alamo, etc. The one thing she didn’t want to see though, was a longhorn.  So she took it upon herself to make a sad face longhorn complete with a tear in his eye and wrote a declaration of her thoughts:  Boo to the longhorns.  Oh, and the pair of pants looking thing in the right corner?  When I asked her, she said that was her two fingers pointing downward saying boo!

The black line across the horns is where she was supposed to measure the distance.

snow day

Finally, Austin got some snow! Granted, in Manor we didn’t have a whole lot compared to other parts of central Texas, but still…snow fell from the sky and my kids got to see it and ‘play in it’! They were all so excited today. The girls were both at school so I didn’t get pictures of them when the snow was actually falling, but Asher got lucky!

From February 2010
the mini blizzard
From February 2010
From February 2010
From February 2010
As soon as Rilyn came home from school she wanted

to make a snowman.  Well, she got as far to make a

snow head.  Most of the snow had already melted!

From February 2010
Snow melting off our slide in the backyard like an acordian!

what are you looking at?


just another saturday morning

This morning was just another Saturday morning. You know, the kind where the night before James and I made cereal bags for the girls and laid them on their respective places on the couch so when they woke up way too early for a Saturday morning, they could plop right on the couch and zone out watching cartoons while munching on cereal. But our girls? Don’t get me wrong, they do love cartoons, but sometimes they just want to draw. So, it was not unusual for us to wake up at 8:30 this Saturday morning to find this note affixed to our door:


The written note says: Please do not come in here because my mommy is sleeping (with a stop sign drawn below the words).  Rilyn knows how much I LOVE sleeping in! The drawing is of me and James and he is asking, “May I have this dance?” And I am replying, “Yes, you may!” (Apparently, I’m into wearing hoop skirts!) And the drawing wouldn’t be complete without a chandelier above us! Rilyn cracks me up! I have no idea why she drew us about to dance. 🙂
So after I get out of bed, (and let James still sleep in which is very unusual because he usually lets me sleep in!), I get Asher out of his crib because he still doesn’t know how to climb out and, well, after I bought him a ‘black out’ curtain last week, poor guy doesn’t know when it’s morning time now, so he just lays quietly in his bed until I get him! After breakfast, I caught Rilyn and Asher watching cartoons together like this. So sweet.

After everyone was dressed, Asher decided it was time to push the baby doll stroller lawn mower outside and do some man work.  😉  Because, you know, our dead grass needed a trimming!



What I love about this stage of ‘toddlerhood’ is how they learn new phrases/words everyday!  Asher’s “here you go” was so last week.  This week?  Well this week, we’ve been ‘blessed’ with another new phrase from our dear son.  Now to be fair, he loves this song about a “wiggly, jiggly, giggly worm” from Staci Gray, (who incidentally will be at his birthday party in April!)  You will hear the song at the beginning of the video and in the song, there are parts where kids yell, “Eew!”  He L.O.V.E.S this song!  So pair that with him just being a boy, and you get this:

And if you noticed, there is no telling when he will shout out, “Eew poo-poo!” He will say it when he is getting his diaper changed and he will say it when Rilyn comes home from school off the bus! 😉


$2000 and counting…

Got something fun in the mail today!

I got my fourth $500 ‘prize’ from online offers today!  So exciting!  We are using this $500 American Airlines gift card to fly to my cousin’s wedding in California this summer!

I spent about $40 on this deal and did it in November, so it took a little longer to receive the gift card this time, but I’m not complaining! So far I have received $2000 total in online offer prizes and I have another $500 visa gift card coming in the next couple months and a new Dell laptop worth over $1000 that is coming in the next few months!  I have already ‘taught’ seven other friends and two have already received their $500 visa gift cards!
Again, if you are interested in how I get these, click here or just ask me!

In case you are wondering about my previous $1500 I made, click here, here, and here!


tea party and tongues

On Valentines Day, we had a Valentine tea party at Grandma and Grandpa’s house complete with pink heart cupcakes and red punch ‘tea’. James said he felt like ‘he was turning into a girl’ by attending this pink and red heart filled event. He sure loves his girls!!

tea time!
Apparently, Ella needs to work on her table etiquette.  Chewing with her food

half out of her mouth is not very lady like!  (Showing how different these sisters are,

Rilyn is next to her ‘dabbing’ her mouth with her napkin that was on her lap!)

Asher was napping during the tea party and so he got his Valentine cupcake treat when he woke up. I think he liked it!

mmmmm…what’s this?!?
Just need to get this frosting on top of my lip…
oh and some on the bottom…
can’t forget the frosting on the side!

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