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Happy 2nd birthday Asher!

Today is Asher’s 2nd birthday!  He tantrums ‘challenges us’ in ways that we’ve never experienced, but also blesses us in ways that only a little boy can!  Asher loves cars, his sisters, listening to music (especially worship music!), sleeping, Super Why and Elmo, having mommy hold him all day, and daddy chasing him around the house!  He is a chatter box, (how can you not be when you have two older sisters who talk all day?) and loves saying, “Where’s the ball?” with both hands in the air.   Or “I want this!”  “Oh my gosh!”  “I want to eat!!”  He still signs ‘yes’, ‘please’ and ‘all done’ and it is so cute because he does it while he is saying the word now so as to add extra emphasis that “yes” he really wants that!  (And if you don’t give it to me in one second, I will tantrum!)  🙂

I think if he really knew what was fully going on, (like that it’s his birthday!), he would say he had a super fun weekend with friends and family!  Yesterday we had an Elmo birthday party for his buddies, he received lots of boy toys (now he can push a lawn mower outside instead of a stroller!), and his favorite singer, Miss Staci, gave him a private concert at his party!  Today he endured both his sister’s soccer games, but not without many treats!  Donut holes and cheetos for breakfast, unlimited goldfish crackers and french fries for lunch-with ice cream!  (What a nightmare for any dentist/nutritionist/doctor/parent-take your pick!)  But you only turn two once, right?  I will be posting probably everyday this week with pictures from his party, his birthday portraits, etc.  But for now, enjoy these pics from the soccer fields today.

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