A lock and key just isn’t enough these days

The girls have a lock and key on their bedroom door because of a certain little brother who loves to get into their room and write with markers all over their comforter and sheets.  But I guess a lock and key just isn’t enough these days to make you feel secure.

Rilyn decided she needed to update her bedroom security system.   She showed it to me the other day and I just have to wonder where she comes up with these ideas?!?

She taped two cards on the door.  These are photo cards she got from Chuck E Cheese earlier this month.  At the restaurant, they have a machine that takes your picture and prints it out on different logo cards.  My girls spent half their time on this machine and came home with a dozen cards!  Rilyn told me they are “security cards” though, and they are to be put in the “slot”.  You can pick either Ella’s card or Rilyn’s card.  The blue piece of paper is a “boys code” and the pink paper is a “girls code”.  (Not sure why the three girls codes are all the same five numbers, and the three boys codes are all the same four numbers!  And if you are a boy, what security card are you supposed to choose?!)  😉  The white paper on the side is the “key pad” where you are supposed to press in your code and put your card in the “slot”.  (The orange paper is Ella’s own attempt at making a girls and boys code.)

The girls’ bedroom security system
Ella’s boys and girls codes.  1810 apparently works for either!

So, I get my “code”, (69587 if I’m using Rilyn’s card, and 1810 if I’m using Ella’s card), and then I “type it” into the keypad and slide my “security card” into the slot and then… I’m in their room!  (Or rather, then I’m “allowed” to turn their door knob to open their door!)  Creative security I tell you!

I stuck the card into the slot! 

I like how the “slot” is in the door hinge so the card actually slides “in”.

1 Response to “A lock and key just isn’t enough these days”

  1. 1 Carrie Rice
    January 19, 2011 at 11:01 pm

    What a laugh!! They sure are creative!

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