my sister has nothing on me!

Having Asher is God’s way of reminding me, “Will you trust Me while parenting this child?  Will you rely on My strength and not your own? ”  With the girls, I feel like I didn’t get on my knees and rely on the Lord for strength all the time.  I should of, because I should be giving EVERY DETAIL to Him, but I didn’t.  Rilyn and Ella were pretty easy kids and still are compared to this affectionately known “Busta’ Man” (because he busts everything up.)

As of late, he has been getting up every night for the past few weeks in the middle of the night to tell us “I’m scared” or “Good morning mama! (at 2:30 a.m.)”  We take him potty because he is dry, and put him back in his bed.  This week, he has been doing it twice a night and now I officially feel like I have a newborn again!  Thankfully, James and I can take turns each night getting up with him (unlike newborn days when only mama had ‘the goods’).  So today, here is a glimpse in our house when the busta’ man goes upstairs for a prolonged period of time.  (All we have upstairs is a giant play room.)

I used to think, (waaaaaay back in the day), this was a big mess!

Rilyn age 10 months

But Asher?  He makes his statement loud and clear: “My sister has nothing on me!”

granted we have more books now then in 2005…
Dear Lord, help me!

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