a little nostalgia

James took a couple days off and we went to College Station to take the kids to the Texas A&M campus.  James and I walked the kids around and we showed them where we lived, our classes, our first kiss…it was so fun and a beautiful day!

First stop, to visit the Bonfire Memorial.

Both James and I had never been to the Memorial, but we both were in school 

when it collapsed on Nov. 18, 1999

We went to the southside where we showed them my dorm:

and daddy’s dorm across the way

southside commons

Then we went inside to the Commons lobby and showed the kids something very important to James and I-the ping pong tables. These tables are where our relationship started…long talks were held in this very room, getting to know each other…

James showing the kids how he played ping pong and lost to mommy a lot!  😉
class of 2026
class of 2028
class of 2030

No campus tour is complete without visiting Heldenfels.  We both took classes in there and James was an supplemental instructor (SI) for many Chem 101 classes.  We went inside the classroom to show the kids what college is really like. Rilyn asked if my teacher would remember me. 😉

pretending to be students in class

We walked this route many times…

Academic building in background

I did the best I could with this picture…it was waaaaay sunny and the fountain was drained, but here is Fish Pond, the site of James and I’s first kiss.

All Faiths Chapel, where we went to Upstream every Thursday night. Many lifetime friendships were formed here, the Spirit moving in ways we could have never imagined…

Kyle field

This is new in front of the “ring building”

future Aggie ring wearers

Ella took this picture-not too bad!

class of 2001

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  1. March 15, 2011 at 10:48 pm

    Great pictures! I have many memories of CS too! Miranda lived in Mosher! So I went to that commons a lot!

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