our little graduate

Ella graduated preschool on Tuesday night. If you ask me, it’s all a little silly. I mean, it’s kind of a big let down to think you are “graduating” when you have about 16 years left of school! The preschool teachers did all they could to get the parents to cry, but James and I held strong. Ella asked why we didn’t cry, (apparently the teachers told the kids that their parents would cry during the ceremony), and we told her we were excited for her to start kindergarten! (And we’re really excited to have one less tuition bill!)

another Ella face

Each “duo” had a line to recite in a poem.

their “poetry line” was “the purple headed mountains”  🙂

The big moment! (And I think Ella left her diploma at the church!)

Ella is now “official”

Poor Rilyn. She has a case of the “Jelly bugs” (jealously) of all the attention Ella has been getting this week. Next week is her week though…she is turning 7!

sisters with matching dresses

The three graduates. What is funny to me about this picture is that they are lined up from oldest to youngest…and Ella is the oldest! She might have gotten some recessive short gene…

Ella, Anna, and Jake

I have to include this picture, because it made me stop and stare when I saw it…foreshadowing…maybe!

Levi and Rilyn

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