the ugly cry

If you are an Oprah viewer, you might be familiar with “the ugly cry” that Oprah hates going into.

I think Asher may have that market cornered as seen this morning in his “Wee Sing” preschool performance.

I could tell from the start that things might not go smoothly.

Asher in the background…

Then, the music started, and he did really well. Even trying to do all the motions (sometimes a little late, but still)

His identical twin classmates next to him demonstrating “If you’re happy and you

know it”  Asher gets there…just slower.

Asher shaking his rattler and singing!

Then the third song started, “Thank You God” and he apparently wasn’t too thankful or maybe it was because he spotted James in the audience, maybe he didn’t like holding flowers because they’re girly (most likely not an issue for him), maybe some stage fright set in, or just a combination of all four…but he went into the ugly cry.

And the teachers tried to calm him down after his class sang, but then everyone went back up for one final song.

It was so cute trying to watch him hold his tears in.

keep it together!  best friend Caden, next to him not

caring at all.

1 Response to “the ugly cry”

  1. 1 Kim Hill
    May 31, 2011 at 9:49 pm

    I’m laughing out loud at this one!! And I can so relate!!!

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