budding author

Warning:  this might be a brag post.  😉

My favorite thing in school (beside art) would be creative writing.  Rilyn came home yesterday with a story she had written at school and I just had to post because I thought it was cute, and she really worked hard on it!  Maybe we will share favorite subjects in school!

Rilyn has done very well in first grade and we are so pleased with how her year went.  She has climbed to a 4th grade reading level and does 4th grade spelling tests!  We are definitely proud parents, but also remind Rilyn that it is God who gave her that brain and it is not in her power to succeed, but in the Lord’s.
(Instead of trying to make you read her handwriting and grammatically incorrect punctuation, etc.), I typed it out for you.

“Once upon a time there were 4 princesses. Their names were Shaliya, Rilyn, Jada, and Ariana. Ariana had nature power, Jada had sun power, Shaliya had rain power, and Rilyn had wind power. One day a fairy appeared. The fairy said, “I can grant four wishes.”  But at that time an evil queen was watching them and her name was Leah.

At that second, the fairy was gone. The queen had captured her and they didn’t know what to do. The evil queen had left a clue. It said “Go over the creepy mountains then go through a forest to meet me.” They followed it, but then the queen captured them. A knight heard their scream. He followed it and lead him to a castle. The knight saved them, his name was Ed Manuel.

One day the knight changed into a werewolf. The princesses were scared. They ran off to their homes. One day they heard a knock at the door. It was the werewolf. Ahhhhh!!!! They screamed. The werewolf said, “I’m sorry, I’m here to save you.”

That day the queen was destroyed. The fairy was free. They wished their wishes.
The end.”

(I think she ran out of time finishing the story in class, so she just got straight to the point!)

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