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sweet seven

This sweet girl put me in the mommy club 7 years ago!

Rilyn loves routine (like her mommy!) and she reminded me over and over last night how her birthday should go today. Wake her up with a donut and singing-check! Bust through the crepe paper doorway-check! Portraits at Picture People-check! Stop at Build-a-Bear-check! Ice Cream for lunch?-well that one was new, but I went ahead with it!
Here she is on her last day of first grade yesterday. Notice her autographed shirt. She requested a white shirt the night before. “Mom, everyone is doing it!” I didn’t buy her a yearbook, so I obliged.

enjoying a birthday treat at school

Pardon the “after school messy hair look” but I thought this photo was funny when Rilyn opened up a birthday card from her great grandpa that had a $50 bill in it. (This is the first year that she saw the money in the card-and believe me it was by accident! Normally, I “pre-open” the card and pocket the $50 because I figure I spend enough money on the kids everyday!)

she has red sno-cone tongue!

Waking up to us singing Happy Birthday!

so excited!

Since we almost singed her hair last year with 6 candles, I decided 7 candles was a fire hazard, and we went with a “7” candle in her powdered donut.

Busting through the doorway to the kitchen!

James and I pretty much have a competition as to who has the best birthday card for the girls each year. James won for creativity with his folded paper game that I’m sure you have all played in school. (Shouldn’t I be the one who knows how to make this and not him?) 😉

He wrote sweet notes and Bible verses in all the flaps for her!

best. daddy. ever.

Tonight-Chuck E Cheese for dinner!
Tomorrow-cheerleader birthday party!

My photography business!

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