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zaza fun!

We had a college girlfriends weekend in Dallas this last weekend and it was so much fun!  Jen’s husband paid for an amazing (and very interesting) hotel room for us four girls on Saturday night to celebrate Jen’s birthday (and our 14 years of friendship!).  Our room at Hotel Zaza wasn’t ready when we arrived, so we got upgraded to the “presidential suite!”

view of dining room and living room

We had to take pictures at this cute kitchen nook in our room. The sign and the lighting were too fun!

look closely at Jen’s nose, something is about to hit…
poor Jen.  Let’s all have a laugh at her expense though!  😉

This is the dining room in our room. Notice our classy cups we were drinking from. Before we pulled up to the swanky Hotel Zaza (where you only can valet, no option to self park), we stopped at the Race Trac gas station and bought drinks. We didn’t realize how “unsophisticated” we probably looked to everyone when we walked into the lobby with our big gas station drinks. So we had to take a picture in our room with them naturally to commemorate our “classiness.” 😉

Our view from our balcony of the Dallas skyline.

Very cliche, I know, but we had to do facial masks at night!

Jen, Kim, me, and Casey (in case you can’t recognize us!)

People watching was sooooo interesting that night. Apparently Hotel Zaza is the place to be seen at night (if you are a yuppie in your 20s/early 30s) at their pool where it turns into a nightclub of sorts. Pictures here.  Our balcony overlooked the valet and the pool.  We saw lamborghinis, ferraris, lime green sports cars…basically all of Asher’s coolest Matchbox cars were there to get parked!  🙂  We saw a girl jump in the pool in her mini dress, strip it off, flail it around, and throw it in the jacuzzi, only to be escorted out in her high (very high!) heels, bra, panties, and her purse!  She wasn’t able to get her dress back either.  They just kicked her out.  She was definitely drunk, so it was a sight to see.  The DJ there played until 2 a.m. and the music was so loud.  We could hear every beat in our room!  Crazy!  But apparently that is what you pay for to be at the “it” hotel in Dallas!  We were definitely out of our element at this hotel.  The next morning at lunch, a woman came up to us and said we all reminded her of the Sex and City girls.  Geez, I sure hope not.  My friends assured me it was only because there was four of us and we were having a good time with each other.  Hmmmm….

My photography business!

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