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sample work

Asher:  He drew his first family portrait today.  Of course I had to bribe him with a piece of candy, but he did it!  🙂  You can see he did draw five faces. I’m not sure when he will decide that bodies are important. 🙂 This boy loves letters and numbers!  He knows all of them, upper and lower case, and about half of his sounds, but writing/drawing?!?  No way, not for him!!!

Asher’s first family portrait-3.9 years old

Ella: Her teacher’s aide came up to me yesterday when I was at school volunteering and told me that Ella made her day when she told her, “I don’t believe in luck, only blessings.” 🙂

Here is Ella’s first “book report” in kindergarten. At least she’s honest! 🙂

“Because it was short and it was boring.”

Rilyn: She wrote us a chore list recently because she wants to save money to help buy an iPad for her birthday in June. (I guess 8 year olds have iPads these days!) Anyway, so she wants a regular weekly allowance, (currently we pay her by the chore.) We decided that we would pay her $7 a week because she is 7 and we told her to write down some chores that would be good for her to do each week. This is what she gave us:  (of course my favorite is #8!)  😉


someone’s getting a dollar tonight!

Ella lost her third tooth today!  She stayed home from school not feeling great, and that gave us, (it was a team effort), ample time to twist, yank, and pull her top tooth out!  She is our child with the highest pain tolerance, and enjoys the process of losing a tooth!  It had been pretty loose for a few weeks, but I kept telling her to give it time.  Today, though, she wanted it out!

so proud
putting her tongue through the new gap!

this is how girls fight!

playing Barbie and the Three Musketeers!

Ella in the purple, Anna in the blue, a friend from school in the white, and Rilyn in the light blue!
love Rilyn’s sword jig
fighting with ribbon!  Take that!

musings from a 7 year old

Rilyn has a writing prompt each morning at school and every Tuesday afternoon she brings home all her writings from the week.  I always enjoy reading her musings, and thought I would compile some of my favorites into one post and keep record!  It brings much joy to my heart to read that she tries to include her faith whenever possible!  I know her teacher knows that this girl loves Jesus!  🙂

Writing prompt:  What rules do you have to follow at your house?  “I have to do the laundry and the dishes.  Boring!  I also have to do my homework right away.  We can not murder.  I can not be guilty of adultery.  I can not steal.”  (This one cracks me up!  She knows her Ten Commandments, doesn’t she?  I wonder what her teacher was thinking when he read this?!)

Writing prompt:  What do you like about your style?  “I like my style because I think I look cool.  I have a lot of make-up at home.  But there’s something else more important, my belief in God.  Now that’s important.”

Writing prompt:  What do you like best about your appearance?  “I like my appearance.  I think I look good.  But God cares about the inside of your heart.”

A Christmas Poem by Rilyn

“Under this tree are presents you know

But the real Christmas is real without a doubt

It’s about a little boy you see that came down from heaven

He’s the King of Kings

See the star up top?

That represents Jesus.

There’s a clue.”

Love this girl’s heart for Jesus!

And just because it’s cute to remember:

I was checking her spelling homework and one of her words was “recall”. The sentence she wrote was “We called him and he didn’t answer, so we recalled him.”  🙂

She had to write a sentence for “focus”, her sentence was, “I focus on my testes.” That extra “e” can really change things, dear…


it’s all about the splash!

I bought Asher his first pair of rainboots the other week in anticipation of the rainy winter season.  He loves jumping in puddles, and unfortunately, he hasn’t had too many opportunities lately because Austin has been so dry!  Well, today was the perfect day to bust out the boots!  It rained for hours and hours, and then as soon as it stopped, I took my camera, and told Asher to go at it!  I’m pretty sure he thought I was crazy because the puddles were almost 6 inches deep, muddy, and mommy was giving him permission to jump in them!?!  (All in the name of good pictures is the name of my game!  🙂  I will let lots slip by when I want a certain picture!)

contemplating what mommy is telling him to do

And he’s off!

air Asher!
splash down!
so happy!

When I was tired of the people in cars driving by staring at me for being the crazy woman who was taking pictures of her son soaking wet in the freezing cold, we moved to the backyard! 🙂

it was a tad bit more muddy
which meant even more fun!
I’m pretty sure this one soaked Asher’s face and we were done.

Tangled decorations


Welcome to my party!

The decoration above actually came about because as I was opening Ella’s Barbie Rapunzel tower from the box, I noticed that the packing material they used looked like Rapunzel’s hair. But I thought, it’s brown so I can’t use it. Then I remembered the 90 foot gold ribbon I bought last year for Ella’s golden birthday and thought I could wrap it around and make it look more yellow and like it was in a braid!  🙂  I thought it turned out pretty cute!

My mother in law and sister in law made this beautiful 17 foot Rapunzel tower for the backyard!  I was completely surprised at how elaborate it came out!!  They are so talented!  If you are interested in something so elaborate or crafty for your next special event, please visit my sister in law’s etsy store and message her and I promise she can make it happen!

And this is Ella when we let her see the tower for the first time!


My sister in law also made this beautiful table centerpiece!

My best friend, Jen, discovered she has a cupcake decorating passion and did these beautiful Rapunzel tower cupcakes for me that we found on Pinterest! All the directions are here.

For the “pin the frying pan on Flynn” game, I printed these pans and just drew Flynn myself on poster board using Google images of the wanted poster from the movie.  (Growing up, I used to draw all my siblings “pin the tail” game posters, so I really enjoy it!)

To see all the party games, etc. from this party, click here.


A very Tangled Birthday!

We had Ella’s 6th birthday party yesterday, and I must say that it was the best birthday party we have ever thrown!  It took a lot of help though from friends and family, but with all of us working together, we made it over the top special!  I will put a post up tomorrow on all the decorations used, because they were so extravagant, and I have many people to thank for that!

James put his video talents to use and made a 2 minute montage video of Ella’s party!  It’s really cute!

the cupcakes were Rapunzel towers!

The first activity we did (while the princesses were arriving) was “decorate your own Rapunzel braid with fun foam flowers”! I made all these braids with yellow yarn. Super easy, but if you want to do it, I would suggest starting several weeks in advance as it is time consuming. I started in November, so I could make one a night in my free time!

decorating their braids!

Ella’s braid was the longest because she was the birthday girl! We attached the braids with bobby pins and a rubber band, but you could use anything.


After all the princesses arrived, we made them close their eyes and walk to the backyard to unveil the tower!


And who was in the tower, but the birthday girl Ella!

Next, we had each girl paint a small paper lantern with their own set of watercolors (given as party favors)!

During that time, we let each girl “climb the tower” (or walk upstairs!) and get a picture in the tower window with the long hair (which were 5 plastic yellow tablecloths taped together that I bought at the dollar store.)
After they painted their lanterns, we played a Tangled game where each girl got a partner and they had to tangle their partner in yellow crepe paper in the allotted time! The judges decided which girl was the most Tangled and then they switched and let the other partner get Tangled!

I think Rilyn was letting out some sister frustration here!  🙂
all Tangled up!

The next game we played was “Pin the Pan on Flynn’s nose”!

Then it was time for cupcakes! I bought a sparkler instead of candles for the first time and I think Ella was surprised, don’t you?

what is this?

She tried to blow it out, but sparklers don’t “blow” out! 🙂

“Just hold it and watch the sparks” we told her…she looked a little nervous though!

am I going to get burned?!?

Enjoying the treats!

Then it was present time! I think Ella liked getting a Flynn doll!

And the last game we played was “throw Pascal into the frying pan”. I bought a 10 pack of sticky lizards and made the girls stand behind a line to see how many each girl could throw into the pan.

I guess it was a pretty exciting game from Cinderella’s face!  Do you see the blue Pascal flying through the air?

Ella’s birthday night!

During the afternoon on Ella’s birthday I brought her Sonic for lunch at school, and brought cookies to her class.

In the evening, we let her pick one friend, Anna, and we took them to Gattiland for dinner!

I’m six!
They were all finally tall enough to drive bumper cars!  This was their favorite by far!

This next picture concerns me, because if I wasn’t so busy trying to get a good picture, I would of realized what a dangerous situation having that baby in the carrier so close to the crazy bowler next door! Ella’s balls were flying everywhere! Thank goodness, no one got hurt!

daddy helps Ella score big points!

Ella was the “score keeper” for Rilyn and Anna. She loved cheering them on!

After Gattiland, we went home to open her “big present”. (Can you tell I like to spread the birthday fun through the whole day?)

This was an empty box. We had set it up upstairs so I told Ella wait until I got upstairs and then she could come up and see her new Tangled Barbie tower!


Who knew that Rilyn would be even more excited than Ella?!? Having sisters close in age means their presents are your presents too!

love the clip on hair extension for Rapunzel Barbie!

The tower opens up to reveal three rooms to play in.

play time!

Can’t wait for Ella’s Tangled party!!


Ella’s birthday morning

We always start our children’s birthdays with waking them up holding a birthday donut/kolache lit up with candles and singing to them!  Ella’s birthday was on a school day so it was too early for her to wake up!

trying to wake up…!
still trying…
blowing out her six candles!

Then our kids get to bust through lots of crepe paper to get to the kitchen to eat their breakfast treat!

At breakfast, the kids get to read their birthday cards from me and James and open a couple presents. I don’t remember when, but somehow, (I just can’t imagine why?!?) James and I turned making homemade birthday cards for our kids into a competition. This year, I’m pretty sure I won. 😉  I might have spent some extra time on the crafting blogs and found a super fun idea! So, here are our cards…(mine is the super cute one…okay, they are both cute, but mine is the bigger one and bigger is always better, right?!)  We both chose Tangled cards because Ella will be having a Tangled party on Saturday!

Now here is why mine is so fun: I found this blog where it showed how to make a “scratch off card”. So easy too! I made the windows on the tower scratch-offs for Ella to use a coin and see who is in each window!

scratching, scratching, scratching…

Look who is in the tower!

“I love mommy’s card best!”  jk, she didn’t say that, but she might of been thinking it.  😉

Ella with one of her presents!

here’s to hoping I didn’t just give Ella a future of cavities!

sweet six

Our Ella bella turns six today!  My prayer for her this year is that she will accept Jesus as her personal Savior and I am hopeful that she will.  Here is an e-mail written to me by her kindergarten teacher in November.

“I just wanted to take the time and tell you how much Ella has been an inspiration this week!  She has been carrying her prayer card around the classroom and trying her hardest to memorize every word. She looks at it, and concentrates on the words and the meaning. Other kids see her doing this and ask “what are you doing? what is it about?” She explains, to the best of her ability, the word of God. I feel blessed that she can do this, because I cannot (in the public school setting). It is amazing to see a five year old do this!”

Getting that e-mail made this momma so happy!!

Happy Birthday to our silly, funny, beautiful, cuddly, smart, compassionate, obedient, and loving daughter!!

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