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Asher is six!

Asher is our fun-lovin’, energetic, artistic, cuddly little boy!  At six, he is reading “Biscuit” type books, and is doing great in kindergarten!  He hasn’t lost a tooth yet, and is one of the smallest in his class, both height and weight.  He still loves for mommy to put him to bed.  His favorite thing to do with daddy is jumping on the trampoline.  His favorite thing to do with mommy is play Legos.  His favorite thing to do with his sisters is color.  His actual birthday was on a Thursday, so he went to school, and for dinner we went to Chuck-E-Cheese with his best friend, Caden.  His Beyblade party would be on Saturday!

Traditional birthday donut wake up call!

running through the crepe paper!

Asher just finished watching all the Star Wars with daddy and so we got him 2 light sabers for his birthday!

The girls painted the car windows to make for a festive way to school!

I wrapped all his lunch items like last year because there was no visitors that day at school because of testing.

Early morning light saber battle before school!

We also got him more marble tracks to build onto his already existing one! He was one excited boy that night!


Shadow Ninjas!

Asher has started his third season of soccer with James as his coach!  He has played soccer with 3 of these boys all three years too!  Go Shadow Ninjas!!

practicing with his best friend, Caden, before the first game!

Getting a little aggressive! That’s what I like to see!

kicking it in!


this kid!

Thought I would do a little post on my baby, because well, he isn’t one anymore!  He is definitely growing up, (you know you’ve got a big kid when they can shower by themselves now!  Woo-hoo!), and is getting particular on what he does and doesn’t like!  First off, Asher will tell you he is an artist.  His favorite thing to draw these days is rainbows and hearts, which I’m sure will change, but it’s hilarious how every drawing has a rainbow and heart in it!  I’ll admit, he has some skills!  Check out this finger painting he did last week while I was cooking dinner!

Here is an example of the rainbow and heart drawings he always draws!

Asher is a sweet little brother to his sisters, in particular Ella. Look at him playing “spa” with Ella and massaging her feet in her new Orbeez foot spa she got for her birthday!

Asher is very stubborn, and he doesn’t want to fail. When we took him rockwall climbing at Main Event, he wouldn’t go all the way to the top, because he wasn’t 100% confident he could do it.  He didn’t want to try and fail so, on his terms, he declared, “I’m not going to the top!  I don’t want to!”

He will be six in April, and is reading and writing in kindergarten. He will be playing soccer in the spring for the third year, which we are so excited for! He is getting really good at memorizing Scripture, and he calls heaven “the good world”.  He always asks questions about going to “the good world” and what will be there.  🙂  He is very curious and also lots of energy!  He loves roller coasters and all things fast.  He is particular to Beyblades and Legos right now and jumping on the trampoline.  We love our busta’ man!



We went to our neighborhood Fall Festival last night and Rilyn got to FINALLY dress up in her Halloween costume!  She has definitely earned it-she read all 7 Harry Potter books in one year!  She is pretty obsessed, and wants to have her 10th birthday party Harry Potter themed next year!  Of course, she will be Hermoine!  🙂

I made Ella and Asher wear old costumes, because they always get stains on their clothes, and I didn’t want them to ruin their new costumes before Halloween. I was right too, Asher busted his top lip at the park and bled all down his “Jake and the Neverland Pirate” costume! That boy!


Asher’s big sports day!

Asher started flag football as a Denver Bronco yesterday!  This is his second sport to try, and I already can tell that he likes it better than soccer.  We shall see!

stepping on the field

They are trying out all the positions in this year of play (prek/kinder team)

He had one great run where he almost scored a touchdown too!  Here is the play in pictures…

And he’s off!

Go, Asher, go!

uh oh! Someone’s got his number…

Asher tried to turn to escape, but his flag was pulled! Oh well! It was a great first run!!

These three amigos are on the same team again! Friends since birth-and their parents are our best friends! So fun!

After that game, Asher got to go to his first Aggie game with daddy, grandpa, and grandma!

Going up Kyle field to their seats, and stopping to enjoy the view with grandpa!

Before the game starts…a half-hearted “gig’em”, Asher’s not sure what to expect…

Waving that 12th man towel!

At the end of the game, Asher gave a hearty “Gig-em!” He said, “Johnny scored 42, and the horses (SMU) scored 13.” 🙂


breaking “invisible bad”

I had my first deep spiritual conversation with Asher (my 5 year old).  You see, this son of mine, he is a clown-the boy that wants to make everyone laugh, and wants to be the center of attention.  He is the youngest in our family, so I guess it’s not his fault.  🙂  He has never been one to sit quietly through a Bible story or any intentional family night where we are teaching a lesson.  I pray desperately for his salvation at a young age, but do I really believe it?  Honestly, after the 100th time of reading Noah’s Ark to Asher, and I ask him who is on the ark and he says Adam, I’m not really feeling it.  I’m scared for Asher.  Scared that he will do whatever it takes to make people laugh, and because the Bible isn’t filled with stories of fart and poop jokes, he will reject it.

Pray, pray, pray.

me and my boy!

So imagine to my surprise when I was putting him to bed one night he told me out of the blue, “I don’t want to be ‘the crazy one’ mommy.  (Referring to being the crazy one in our family.)  I don’t want to be bad and keep making bad choices.  But I keep doing it! I can’t stop!”

I looked at him and said, “We ALL make bad choices.  We all sin.  But there is good news!  We have a rescuer!!!”

He said, “But mom, YOU never do bad things.  You always make good choices!”

“No, I don’t Asher!  Mommy may not sin like you do (throwing tantrums, whining), but I make bad choices in my head and my heart a lot.  I think and feel bad things about people.”

“But mommy, you’re invisible bad!”   (Parenting lesson for me:  I need to be more transparent when I sin against him.  Too often, I let my sins against him slide because I tell myself he is too young and he doesn’t really get it.  If I yell at Asher out of anger, I must point out my sin to him, and ask him for forgiveness.)

“No, Asher.  God knows every sin we do.  We can never hide our bad choices from God.  But remember, we have a RESCUER!!  He can save and forgive us of our bad choices!  Who is our rescuer Asher?”

“Jesus!”  (He didn’t say Spiderman or Angry Birds-YES!)  “But mommy, I asked Jesus to help me, and I keep on sinning!”

(parenting pause…wow, what do I say?  At that moment, I told Asher to pray with me, and ask God to help him trust Jesus more and more each day.  We hugged, and it was just a really neat moment.)

And when I closed his bedroom door that night, I thought, do I wrestle over my sin?  Or am I content to just “keep on sinning”?  When was the last time I asked Jesus to help me stop sinning?  I tell myself, “I am who I am.  I sin this way, and that’s just how it is.”  But through the words of a silly 5 year old boy, God spoke to me.  And I love parenting for that.

Romans 7:24-25  “Wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death?  Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!”

Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more…enter in the mysterious, wonderful power of the Gospel.  The humbling truth is that on this side of heaven, there will always be sin in my life…in our lives.  But the great news of the gospel there is a WAY out!  Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. (John 14:6)

What do we say to someone who recognizes their utter depravity?  The answer:  turn to Jesus.


Angry Birds party!

Asher had an Angry Bird birthday party! It was so much fun to plan!    Here is the link to James’ awesome short video he put together of the big day!

Here is the party in pictures!!

I made Angry Bird balloons using a template I found online.  Click the picture for a link.  (I drew my own orange and green Angry Bird faces though.)

For party favors, all the guests got sling shots! Inside the golden eggs, they got rubber bird balls they could use with their sling shot!

I bought all these eggs at Easter time for his party!

You can get Rubber Birds Bouncing Balls (pack of 12) here.  And sling shots here.

<“Foam “Wooden” Blocks“> found here.

While guests arrived, the birthday boy and guests jumped on the trampoline!

Asher’s sisters had an Angry Bird tattoo parlor too!

Before we started our first activity, James showed all the kids the golden eggs that they could win during a game. Little did the kids know who was behind them…

First activity was using “bird eggs” (Cascarones or confetti eggs) to throw at each other. I bought 6 dozen at Easter! 🙂

Next up was pinata time!

Then it was time for (Angry Bird) pizza!

After pizza, was the sling shot game! James and my brother built a 3 foot tall sling shot and we blew up 60 lime green balloons to use as “piggies”! James set up the boxes that the pigges were to be in with pins. I painted mini dodge balls with angry bird faces, and when a child slung a ball at the piggie balloon, the balloon would fall back on the pins and POP!

A pack of three mini dodge balls was $9 at HEB

Uh oh! The piggies are back and they’ve got our golden eggs!!!

Time to get those piggies!

See the blue Angry Bird flying?

Bam! Knocked out the top piggie!

Asher going for another turn! Every time a child knocked a piggie down, they got a golden egg with a prize inside!

We had a few crazy Angry Birds that had a little too much energy! LOL

It was getting hot outside, so we took a break for some cupcakes and ice cream!!

I love the sparkler candles! My kids are never too sure about them…

My kids always love the party blowers!

present time!!

After presents, the kids went back out to do some more damage to the piggies with the sling shot…this was what was left!

Piggie carnage! Lots of eyeballs and snouts!


Asher is FIVE!

Asher turned five years old yesterday!  He is an active boy, who loves to climb on furniture and  jump off of things.  He tests his boundaries constantly, and actually got his clip moved down to yellow on his yesterday for kissing a girl (on the cheek thankfully!)  He loves to cuddle, all things art, he is warming up to soccer (next up karate in the summer, and flag football in the fall!), has started to read, and still loves me the most in our family!  (ask him, it’s true.)  😉  I wouldn’t say he is an independent boy, but rather likes his sisters and I to do things for him, (and most of the time he gets away with it!)  What can I say?  He is the baby of the family!  Here is his special day in pictures!  (His Angry Bird party is Saturday, stay tuned!)
Traditional wake-up birthday donut!

Traditional “run through the crepe paper” on your birthday!

When Asher opened up his new mitt he said, “Look, I got a glove that holds a football!” And then he pointed to his new bat and said, “When can we play golf?”

He loves his new Angry Bird!

I couldn’t go up to preschool to eat lunch with him (because of standardized state testing), so I did the next best thing! I wrapped up all his lunch items!

We went to Chuck e Cheese for dinner to celebrate with his BFF!

I caught them in their “secret hideout” doing their “secret handshake”!

His favorite thing to play at Chuck E Cheese!

Asher and Caden! Friends since birth!

Every birthday, we like to make homemade cards. This year, I used his soccer picture and his Angry Birds party theme to create this:


soccer time!

James is coaching Asher’s soccer team for the second year, the Rolling Stones.  This year they are playing on the under 5 league, but James allowed two 3 year olds to play on our team because they are family.  So cousin Caden gets to play with the “big kids!” Here they all are at their first practice!

Their first game was on Saturday!


We totally lost (BAD), but they ALL had fun, and that is what it’s about! 🙂 (I keep telling myself this in my head because it’s hard to watch them lose as a mommy.)

End of game hands-in!  Goooooo Rolling Stones!


Cheerleading was definitely consuming this past fall, but Ella and Asher had an extracurricular activity too!  They both were in gymnastics one day a week.  They loved it, and Ella will continue doing it in the spring, but will focus on tumbling.  Here are some pictures!  Ella’s birthday party will be at this very gym tomorrow, she loves it so much!

Ella’s teacher said that she has an AMAZING vault, and said she could move up to the next level class!

Ella LOVED chalking up her hands before doing the bars!
the foam pit!!

My photography business!

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