the first soccer game!

Awww….doesn’t she look cute?  All dressed up, with her daddy’s soccer number when he was in school, and ready for her first soccer game!

Well, we thought, from this smiling pose, that we were going to have a great game! She was excited to wear all her ‘gear’ and I, (being a good soccer mom), even made her a matching hair band from my leftover scrapbooking ribbon! Our luck though, soon changed as we were driving to the game and I realized I was NOT a good soccer mom because I had forgot all the camping chairs, jackets, and our video camera! Then we started the game and this happened.

walking off the field

Rilyn got so overwhelmed by the intensity of the whole game experience, she just lost it. Kids running at her, parents yelling/cheering, a ball flying around…it was just too much for this sensitive spirit. So she sat out on the sidelines and tried to collect herself. Believe me, it was not easy. We had to do deep breathing exercises. Really Rilyn?!?

daddy trying to encourage Rilyn
a team time-out with Rilyn still not so sure of this whole soccer thing

If you know James and I, you know compassion is not our strong suit and so we really didn’t get why she was so freaked out. After some serious encouragement from all of her adoring fans, (papaw, oma, aunt Mandy, Allen, grandpa, grandma, uncle Jeff, aunt Becca, cousin Caden, Ella, Asher, and of course mommy and daddy!!) she toughened up and got back in the game.

Evidence #1 of why Rilyn felt scared.  If I saw this dude

coming at me like this I would be scared too!

Evidence #2 of why Rilyn got scared.  It’s called being aggressive honey.

She did cheer up finally and I got some great shots of her having fun!

She is so excited to kick the ball in!  Thanks uncle Jeff for bringing your video camera!
Rilyn’s tongue out-the Paquette trait that means “I’m focused”

And what really cheered her up? She ‘technically’ scored the team’s last goal! I say ‘technically’ because she kicked it and then the opposing team accidentally helped it in their goal! 🙂 Nevertheless, she was excited, and I got this picture from it.


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