We took Asher’s two year portraits yesterday.  My expectations were very low considering I’ve been through this twice before and they, (portraits at age 2), are always super frustrating.  Trying to convince a two year old to stay on a boring white backdrop is hard.  Then getting him to stay in one place and smile for a stranger?  Ugh.  But my OCD prevails and I must take birthday portraits of each child every year, within a week of their birthday, and it must be at Picture People with a white background.  Then I hang the chosen portrait on my wall chronologically, (and yes, I bought 54 matching frames-18 years x3 kids)! 

The fun really began when we got to the mall (a good 35 minute drive) and Ella announced that she ‘forgot to wear her shoes.’  Grrrr.  Well, I wasn’t about to let her walk through the mall barefoot, (I’m a big rule follower-no shoes, no service!), so I put her in the umbrella stroller and carried Asher who was now tantruming because he wanted to go in the stroller.  Pushing a 40 lb. child in an umbrella stroller is hard.  Pushing a 40 lb. child with one hand because you have a toddler on the other arm is harder.  Pushing a 40 lb. child in a stroller with one hand because your toddler is tantruming in the other arm is the hardest.  (Did I mention I was also carrying a very overloaded diaper bag?!?)  So needless to say, I was off to a great start! 

The portraits were better than expected because I got two good shots of him.  (I thought I might get one.)  🙂

1 Response to “Two”

  1. 1 Kristy
    April 27, 2010 at 6:53 pm

    Sometimes I think I know you and then you write things like you own 54 of the same frame. . . and it really throws me off!

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