my ‘golden’ girl!

Yesterday was Ella’s ‘golden birthday’, meaning the birthday when you turn the same age as your birthdate.  I missed Rilyn’s ‘golden birthday’ but she was only three, so no big deal, right?  (If you know Rilyn, it IS a big deal!)  I had never heard of this though until a couple years ago when my friend told me about it.  So, in honor of Ella turning 5 on the 5th, she had to follow a trail of golden ribbon throughout the house (90 feet of it!) to find her presents!

following the ribbon around the house
upstairs where her presents were found in the gold treasure box!

Before presents, we went to Chuck E Cheese to have her birthday dinner! She got to invite one friend, who not surprisingly, she picked Anna!

Ella, Anna, and Rilyn
Ella with the mouse (she wanted to take a picture with 

his wife, she told him)

Chuck E Cheese did this song and dance with any children who wanted to during the night, and my kids loved it! Afterwards, he threw tickets up in the air for all the kids to grab!

Pure joy from Asher, and airborne Ella!

Now that Rilyn started school back and it is the second semester, she has more homework! Poor thing had to finish up her homework at Chuck E Cheese!

She might be the only child who has ever done homework at Chuck E Cheese! 

I’m such a mean mommy!

BUT, her winning 254 tickets from putting ONE token in one game made up for the homework!

Can you see Rilyn waaaay back there!  The tickets 

just kept on coming!


We are the parents that make our kids save their tickets instead of spending them on cheap crap like a toy spider ring (I also take away their happy meal toys before they can open them. I really hate cheap crap!) 😉 So far, we have 1500 tickets saved up!

2 Responses to “my ‘golden’ girl!”

  1. 1 Carson
    January 7, 2011 at 5:20 am

    How many tickets?
    (FYI. I’m attempting to start higgsblogg again.)

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