Twinkle Fairy party

I love planning my kid’s birthday parties!  I grew up with awesome birthday parties every year and it’s just something that I value, and want to do for my kids!  My mom helps me with the planning (and paying!) and it seems like we started thinking about Asher’s birthday party (in April) on the way home from Ella’s party yesterday!  😉

Ella had her birthday party on Saturday afternoon and it was a success!   We had it at The Party Palace in Round Rock.

so excited she can hardly stand it!
checking out her fairy costume, she wanted to look like

Tinker Bell (no surprise there!)

Rilyn and Ella picking out jewelry
Me and my twinkle fairies!
just being cute
Fairies must get their nails done!
Don’t forget the make-up!
Then they had a fashion show and let’s just say Rilyn

knew what she was doing!

Work it girl!
Ella leading the other fairies in a fairy chant.
Then they got sprinkled with fairy dust!  Glitter everywhere!
Time for the tea party!
Blow out your candles!
Ella was dabbing her mouth after every bite of cupcake and sip of ‘tea’.  It was very


This picture cracks me up!  The party host taught the

girls how to hold their pinky up while drinking their tea

and this is Ella’s version.  Wrong hand sweetie!

Her lady like manners soon disappeared after she discovered how hungry she was!
The girls with their crowns on that they made!
Happy 5th Birthday Ella!

2 Responses to “Twinkle Fairy party”

  1. 1 kristy
    January 9, 2011 at 3:24 pm

    How fun! I bet all the kids want to be invited to your parties:)

  2. January 12, 2011 at 1:13 pm

    What a FABulous birthday party!!

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