petting zoo personalities

From the pony rides we move onto the petting zoo.  We knew Asher wasn’t going to like going in, but his fear is a little ridiculous, and well, you know us.  It was interesting to see the three kids personalities shine through in the petting zoo.  Rilyn was nervous and worried, Ella was in charge and confidant, and Asher was a cry baby (we’re hoping to work on this!).

both Rilyn and Asher show some nerves
you can’t escape, sorry buddy
I like how James is practically dragging him around.
future nightmares for Asher?!?  I like how James is just smiling.

The only way Asher would calm down is if the goats were not making eye contact

with him and then James could take Asher’s hand and pet them.  But as soon as

that goat looked at him, he would break out the drama.

the goat made eye contact

Ella would swat animals away if she didn’t like how pushy they were being, and would pick and choose who she was going to feed.

I don’t think so Mr. Deer, I’ve got my eyes on another.
I can feed with both hands.
Rilyn got nervous and her cup of animal food got eaten 

up in the first 30 seconds she got in. A goat grabbed

her cup and she let go!

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