more rodeo

Next up at the rodeo was watching the “Cattle Dog Trials.”  Basically a dog chasing cattle into a pen about 10 different times to see if the dog would get a qualifying time for the Cattle Dog main event(?)  It’s a whole different life at the rodeo.  We were intrigued for about 10 minutes.


We walked around “Old MacDonald’s Farm” in which Asher was content because all the animals were behind bars.

Rilyn showing us her “horns down” sign in front of a longhorn

Then we went to the Swifty Swine pig races.  That was pretty cute.  Little pigs racing for an oreo cookie!  That is what the girl’s remembered the most from the last time we went to this part of the rodeo (2 years ago) and they couldn’t wait to cheer on their favorite pigs!  They even had a Big 12 race and an A&M pig who raced!   Sadly, Texas Tech won, but as Rilyn said, “At least Texas A&M came in second and beat the longhorns!”  Sadly, none of my pictures of the pig races turned out.

The Austin rodeo-where weird meets western.

After I saw this picture, it bugged me that Rilyn is wearing her cowboy hat while 

the cut out is holding a cowboy hat.  I’m into the details people!

Next up? The carnival, where the kids spent the best part of their day!

asher, rilyn, and ella

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