7 cheers for Rilyn!

More birthday festivities!

Her present from us was a new bike.  James took her out and she picked a cruiser!  No doubt she is not a speed racer, so this will suit her just fine! (By the way, she did learn how to ride on two wheels. Ella riding circles around her did her in.)

Last night we celebrated Rilyn with our community group from church at Chuck E Cheese. Rilyn also got to pick one special friend from school to invite.

from L to R:  Cole, Shaliya, Rilyn, Anna, Jake, Ella, and Levi

This afternoon was party day! She picked a cheerleader theme!  James made a short birthday video that is precious!

Rilyn before the party

We had a little dance party while the guests arrived! James and her made a birthday party song list on his ipod that was over 40 songs long!

most likely dancing to Justin Beiber

I surprised Rilyn by hiring a middle school cheerleader from across the street to come and teach the girls a cheer and a dance. Rilyn was over the moon!

Go Manor Mustangs!

They played “pin the pom-pom on the cheerleader”!

go that way!


Happy Birthday to you!
make a wish!

1 Response to “7 cheers for Rilyn!”

  1. 1 Kristy
    June 5, 2011 at 11:28 am

    This is so great! What fun traditions you have with your family that they will remember the rest of their lives and begin with their kids, you are a wonderful mom!

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