Kauai day 4

Day 4 brought more exploring the island (Limahuli Garden, a national tropical botanical garden and Hanalei beach) and ziplining at Princeville Ranch!

more gardens

On the way back from the garden, we found these tunnels right across from the prettiest beach on the island-Hanalei Beach.

cool silhouette of James taken in the tunnel/cave facing out
James’ “Baywatch” picture.  Check out that water!!
Can you see James resting against the palm tree?
ziplining!  There was 9 ziplines total to go on!
James zipping!

On one of the ziplines, they asked us to scream the whole way to scare the other groups that were going before us.

blood curdling scream!

After 8 ziplines, we took a swimming/snack break at a little watering hole with a small waterfall. James has no problem jumping in.

20 feet deep we were told

This was the scariest thing I did on the whole trip. I hate swimming where I know there are fish around. But, for the picture opp I did it.

I did not stay in that water, I kicked like crazy until I got out!

Our last zipline was a racing one. It was 1500 feet long! Couples can also try to hold hands (we do have video of that!). James and I held hands at first, but then I had to take pictures of James while we were zipping along!


The day after I returned from Kauai, my friend posted this devotional site and when I read it, it was so applicable to me because I had just ziplined and I love the parallel she makes with putting your faith in the zipline wires vs. putting your faith in God.  Read it here!

It rained A LOT there (everyday!), and we got poured on several times during the afternoon. It was all worth it though to see this beautiful rainbow that appeared right as we were leaving!

perfect way to end the day!

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  1. 1 Kim Hill
    June 21, 2011 at 9:11 am

    We did Princeville ziplining too!! Ummmm… Except I was 10 weeks pregnant. Oops…

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