Asher’s first soccer game!

After a long break from soccer, the Paquette’s are back, this time with Asher!  (The girls are happily in ballet and hip hop.) James is the coach, and if you measured his happiness by how much he has spent on new “coaching” clothes and soccer equipment, you would say he is LOVING it!  🙂   Five  out of the six kids on the team are from our church, the Austin Stone Community Church.  Hence, we named the soccer team-the Rolling Stones!  (We also live in the same neighborhood!)  Here is James with Asher (pre hair-cut!) on the first day of practice on Thursday.

Asher had a lot of heart this morning. He was always running with a big grin on his face. However, he mostly ran NEAR the ball and didn’t quite understand you are supposed to KICK the ball, (especially when the other team had it). This is my favorite action shot of the morning, and it was before the game even started!

running drills with daddy

Here is James giving the team a pre-game pep talk. I love how Asher is listening intently and how the other players are “eyeing” the other team across the field!

Caden’s big brother, Cole, is the unoffical “assitant coach”

Asher ready to start with his “mean” game face on! He reminds me of Ella‘s soccer face back in the day!

I’m ready for you!

Asher got the ball!

go busta!

Asher had many supporters at his first game! Cousin Caden came to watch (and grandma and grandpa too)!

thanks for coming cuz!

In the 4th quarter, Asher was done. 🙂

sucking the fingers and holding the ear…
#7 just like daddy!
Malachi, Asher, and Caden-friends for life

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